Physics 116 Summer 2012 Homepage

Waves, Optics, and Modern Physics

Matt DePies

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I.  Syllabus(HTML)                        

II.  Class Schedule and Reading Assignments(xls)
III.  Exams:

Old Solutions(PDF)
Solutions (PDF)
Exam 1
Notesheet1 pdf                
Written Response
Exam 1 Written
1C 2A 3A 4A 5C 6B 7B
8C 9D 10D 11C 12A 13D
Exam 2
Notesheet 2 pdf               
Written Respons Ex2
Exam 2 Written
1B 2C 3A 4D 5D 6A 7A 8C
9D 10C 11C 12D 13C
Exam 3
Notesheet 3  pdf             
Written Response Exam3

Final Exam
Notesheet Final pdf
Written Response Final Exam
Final Exam Written
1C 2B 3C 4C 5A 6B 7A 8B
9B 10C 11D 12A 13A
III. General Relativity and Cosmology
IV. Readings in cosmology:

"Misconceptions about the Big Bang," Charles H. Lineweaver and Tamara M. Davis, Scientific American, 2005 

Cosmology: Science of the Universe, Edward Harrison, Cambridge University Press, 2000.
The End of Cosmology?," Lawrence M. Krauss and Robert J. Scherrer, Scientific American, 2008  

"Surveying Space-time with Supernovae,"  Craig J. Hogan, Robert P. Kirshner and Nicholas B. Suntzeff; Scientific American, January 1999,

 "From Slowdown to Speedup," Adam G. Riess and Michael S. Turner; Scientific American, February 2004