Physics 114, Summer 2010, Syllabus


INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Matthew R. DePies


CLASS TIMES:  Monday-Thursday 8:30-9:30am PAA A102. . .EARLY!


OFFICE HOURS: See class website


GENERAL COMMENTS:  I hope that by taking this course you will learn to enjoy and appreciate physics as I do.   I will do everything possible to make the subject clear and understandable while trying to maintain your interest.  Please feel free to ask for further clarification during class or later during office hours: often a different explanation will make things a bit clearer.  It is very important to keep up with reading and homework, as it is very difficult to grasp the subject without working through the problems.


*Please note that memorization of material is not particularly helpful in this class.  Oneís goal should be to try to understand how the concepts, rules, and formulae can be used to solve problems from the world around you.*


CLASS:  Lectures will be given during class hours.  Often demonstrations will be used to make points clearer.  We will be using an electronic system that records answers you give to questions asked during class.  Also, we may do group work during some more difficult topics to facilitate learning.


COURSE CONTENT: During this course we will learn the basics of mechanics.  This includes Newtonís Laws of Motion and Newtonís Law of Universal Gravitation.  The culmination is the analysis of the three great conservations laws: the conservation of energy, momentum, and angular momentum.


TEXTBOOKS:  Physics:  Volume I, Walker, Pearson Custom Publishing




GRADING:  The course will be graded on a curve.  The class average is set at 2.8 but can be increased or lowered depending on the performance of the class overall.  The following weights are given to the assignments above:

         Midterms: 55%

         Final Exam 27.5%

         Homework  17.5%


WEBASSIGN.COM: is the computer driven homework for the class.  You are given an large number of chances for each problem, and often adjusting the number of significant figures will get you the answer the computer ďlikes.Ē  One can also keep track of scores on tests through and it can be accessed through the instructorís website.


*Although it is not required by webassign, using the systematic format discussed by the instructor to solve problems is highly recommended and will pay off greatly during tests.*


STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES:  Students with documented disabilities who need accommodations should contact the instructor the first two weeks of class.


ACADEMIC INTEGRITY:  Instances of academic dishonesty will result in a zero for that assignment and a referral to the Dean.   Outcomes include possible academic probation and expulsion.


CLASS BEHAVIOR:  Show courtesy and respect for your fellow students and the instructor.  Participation during lectures is strongly encouraged.  Donít let something go if you donít understand it: ask.  If it is inappropriate to interrupt, make a note of it and ask later.  At times I will ask you to talk to me later, so the flow of the class isnít interrupted.  If I do, please come see me!