Study Guide --MALE--- Reproductive System

Zoology 118 --- 2002


Reproductive System

The reproductive system is composed of the gonads (produce hormones and gametes) and the accessory reproductive organs (usually a tube plus glands). List these for female and male.








Male Reproductive System-----

What is the function of the scrotal sac? Why must the testes be outside the abdominal cavity?

In what part of the testes is the sperm made?

What is the function of the Leydig cells (interstitial cells) and where are they found?

What is the function and location of Sertoli Cells (sustentacular cells)

What is the function and location of spematogonia?

Where is the epididymis found and what is its function?

What is the name of the tube that carries the sperm to the urethra?

Which tissues add fluid to the semen?

What gland does the urethra pass through?

What type of tissue surrounds the penile urethra?

Which division of the ANS controls erection? ejaculation?

What is spermatogenesis and where does it take place (be specific)?

If you start out with 1 cell that contains 20 chromosomes, give the number of cells and number of chromosomes those cells would contain

During spermatogenesis the developing spermatocytes are associated with what cell?

How many chromosomes does a human primary spermatocyte have?, a sperm?

What is the function of the head, midpiece, tail of sperm?

How long does it take to produce sperm? What can cause infertility?

What male reproductive cells respond to FSH? LH? Which cells secrete these hormones?

What effect does anabolic steroids have on the male reproductive tract? Why?

When does spermatogenesis begin? end?

What are some secondary characteristics associated with high blood testosterone levels.

 Female Reproductive System-----

What does the ovary produce? (three things)

What are the different stages the follicle goes through during each monthly cycle?

Describe the anatomical position of the ovary and the fallopian tube?

What is the function of the fallopian tube?

Explain how an ectopic pregnancy is possible?

What is the function of the uterus? Where is it found in the body?

What is another name for the birth canal?

When does oogenesis begin? end?

Know the stage of the oocyte and the follicle that is present at birth.

What type of oocyte is present in a Graafian follicle? (what is its chromosomal number?)

What is a polar body? Where in a woman's body would you find a 2° oocyte?

What are the two phases of the Ovarian cycle? What is happening during each phase?

Which hormones regulate the different parts of the ovarian cycle?

What is happening in the uterus during each of these ovarian phases?

What stimulates the onset of menses at the end of each cycle?

What hormone does the primary, secondary and Graafian follicle secrete? What affect does this hormone have on the ovary and the body?

What hormone does the corpus luteum secrete? What affect on the uterus does it have? the body?

For how long is a 2 oocyte viable (able to be fertilized)? How long are sperm viable (able to fertilize)?

What division of the ANS is response for female erection? orgasm

Now that you know how the male and reproductive tract function devise various methods to interfere with the process. How would you design a drug intervention? A barrier technique? prevention of implantation? Prevention of implantation of the fertilized egg? What is the Rhythm method of birth control based on? What variables does it not account for?

Which hormone(s) is(are) high, which are low on each of the following days of the menstrual cylce?(focus on estrogen/progesterone - keep in mind FHS/LH)



day 7




What events/structures in the ovaries account for values on each of the days?