GENERAL RESEARCH INTERESTS: Urban Geography, Politics, and Planning


More Specific Interests:


Neoliberal globalization and urban politics

·         How the twin processes of globalization and neoliberalization shape urban politics

·         What opportunities are emerging to resist neoliberalization and reimagine urban futures


Social/political movements and democratization in cities

·         How the idea of democracy might serve as a way to conceive of a broad resistance to neoliberalization

·         How democratic social movements are forming, mobilizing, and achieving more just and civilized urban futures

·         If a ‘right to the city’ and ‘inhabitance’ can be an effective organizing idea for such movements

·         What role intellectual labor can play in such movements


Political theory

In examining the questions above, I am interested how we might use concepts like:

·         Hegemony, collective will, democratic centralism (Gramsci)

·         Power, discipline (Foucault)

·         Overdetermination (Althusser)

·         Right to the city, inhabitance, space (Lefebvre)

·         Whatever singularity (Agamben)

·         Line of flight, rhizome, body without organs (Deleuze and Guattari)

·         Mutual adequation, affective relations (Hardt and Negri)

·         Articulation, equivalence, agonism, radical democracy (Laclau and Mouffe)


Academic discourse and intellectual politics

·         The purpose and future of the academy

·         The political and economic relations that shape everyday academic practice

·         How to make academic discourse more productive and less self-destructive



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