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Spring, 2018


Undergraduate Students

Each senior member of the Mougous Lab is encouraged to gain experience in research mentorship by training and working closely with 1-2 undergraduates. If you are an ambitious and creative individual who wants to become a member of our group, please send Dr. Mougous your resume and a cover letter describing your interests.  


Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in rotating in the Mougous Lab need to apply to the University of Washington Microbiology Graduate program or the University of Washington Molecular & Cellular Biology programOnce accepted please contact Dr. Mougous to discuss rotation opportunities. We welcome new members and are passionate about training the next generation of scientists. 


Postdoctoral Fellows

 The Mougous Lab is currently accepting postdoctoral applications. If you are interested in joining the group, please send a cover letter describing your prior research and future interest and your resume to Dr. Mougous. We strive to maintain an interdisciplinary environment in the Mougous Lab and thus welcome applications from individuals representing diverse research areas (e.g. bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, biochemistry/enzymology, structural biology, microbial genetics, etc.).