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Biology Department
  Summer Crew 2004

The team crew members, squinting into the sun by Mt. St. Helens
Elie, Ashley, Lara, Andrew & Boomer after the Butte Camp trip

Andrew Eckert in folding chair
Andrew Eckert
Graduate Student, Biology

  Tara Fletcher
Tara Fletcher
Graduate Student, Biology
Ashley Grant, Undergraduate
Ashley Grant
Undergraduate Student,

  Elie Jenkins
Elie Jenkins
Volunteer Undergraduate Student,
Colby College, Maine

Lara Rozzell, Data Tech
Lara Rozzell
Data Tech, Harvard Forest

  Iara Lacher with Lara Rozzell
Iara Lacher, with Lara Rozzell,
Undergraduate REU Student, Botany

Boomer, Team Mascot
Boomer at Pine Creek
Team Mascot