Monika Sobolewska
(formerly Witoslawski)


I am currently an associate teaching professor in the Computer Science and Systems program at School of Engineering and Technology, University of Washington, Tacoma. My office is located in 217 Cherry Parks. The best way to reach me is via e-mail.

Courses taught:

  • TCSS 142 Introduction to Programming
  • TCSS 143 Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming Theory and Application
  • TCSS 305 Programming Practicum
  • TCSS 325 Computers, Ethics, and Society
  • TCSS 333 C for System Programming
  • TCSS 342 Data Structures
  • TCSS 380 Fundamentals of Programming Language Concepts
  • TCSS 480 Comparative Programming Languages
  • TCSS 497 Internship in Computing and Software Systems

I am also a faculty co-adviser of the WIC group and I oversee CSS student mentors.

In AY 2016-17, I served as a CSS curriculum committee co-chair, focusing on ABET accreditation (granted as of Autumn 2017) and ACM curriculum guidelines. Subsequently, I focused on creating a CSS Honors program, with the first students graduating with this option in 2020 ( Over the last few years, I also created a couple of hybrid and distance learning versions of our courses, helped shape our BA in CSS degree, particpated in lecturer and tenure-track search committees, served on campus (Lecturer Affairs, Undergraduate Education Academic Council, Distinguished Teaching Award, Executive Council) and tri-campus (Faculty Council on Benefits and Retirement, Faculty Senate) committees.

Prior to my current UWT appointment, I worked at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, and at the Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. At MSU, my primary duties and responsibilities included instruction and curriculum development of CSE 101 (Computing Concepts and Competencies), training and supervision of undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants assigned to CSE 101, coordinating of lab sections, serving on department committees, and participating in outreach. During my tenure at WSU, I taught courses such as CSC 0900 (Office Applications), CSC 1000 (Intro to CS), CSC 1100 (Computer Science I), CSC 2110 (Computer Science II), and CSC 5991 (Special Topics: Mobile Application Development Using Android). I also served as a director of WSU Computer Literacy Program, advised undergrad CS majors, evaluated undergrad CS transfer courses, organized/participated-in outreach activities, and sponsored WSU ACM-Women student chapter.

Even though I got a Masters degree in Computer Science (Wayne State University, 2001), and I still love programming, my main interests have shifted more towards computer science education. More specifically, I am interested in curriculum development, pedagogy, online learning, outreach, and improving the under-representation of women.

Outside of CS, I love literature (I have another Masters degree in Comparative Literature), hiking, travel, art in its broadest sense, and food. 


last updated: Sep 2021