Electronic Medical Knowledge Resources
Medical Knowledge Resources, for health personnel, patients, or both, are rapidly
being converted to electronic formats. In addition, new, electronic-only resources,
are being developed, making innovative use of some of the unique properties of
electronic media, like hyperlinks, embedding of multimedia objects, and interactivity.

One of my interests is in making the right medical knowledge easily available to
physicians as they see patients. I am the author of
Dr. Rose's Peripheral Brain, a
web-based medical knowledge resources emphasizing an evidence-based approach
to clinical care.

I have served as a Primary Care Advisor for the PrimeAnswers Project, a National
Library of Medicine-supported project to develop a virtual digital knowledge base
for primary care providers, and have contributed to the work of the
Family Practice
Inquiries Network
, another, Family Medicine-Oriented, online medical knowledge

Click HERE for slides from a talk I gave in November 2000 on WWW-based
resources for practicing Evidence-Based Medicine.