Electronic Health Records
 Electronic Medical Records (EHRs) are computer systems that, in theory, allow for
all the functions of medical care to be carried out without the use of non-electronic,
i.e. paper, information storage. Although that ideal has not yet been attained, the
goal is getting nearer.  From 1997 to 2004 I was involved in adapting a commercial
EMR system for use at the University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics. Here
are links to slides from two lecures I gave in 2002 on this work:

 One of my interests is the nature of user-software interactions with EHRs.
You can click
HERE to see slides from a talk I gave about a study I and some colleagues
did to assess the attitudes of clinician-users of an EHR.

 More information on EHRs is available in the My Writings and Lectures section of this