I. Pathophysiology
  1. Sunlight is composed of 3 types of UV radiation:
    1. UVA-Contributes to risk of skin Ca and causes premature aging of skin
    2. UVB-Contributes to risk of skin Ca and causes sunburn
    3. UVC-Does not penetrate atmosphere
II. Prevention in children-AAP recommendations
  1. No direct sun exposure for children < 6mo
  2. Sunscreen for all children > 6mo
III. Sunscreen
  1. Avobenzone-Protects against UVA
  2. PABA-Protects against UVB
  3. Should be applied 15-30min prior to sun exposure and Q2h while outside, regardless of SPF rating
  4. SPF ratings
    1. Refer to degree of protection against UVB
    2. Labeling of SPF > 50 is not allowed by FDA as it may not offer significantly increased protection
(Sources include Core Content Review of Family Medicine, 2012)