"RotaShield"--approved by FDA 1998; removed out of concern for association with intussusception

A live, attenuated, oral, tetravalent vaccine
50-83% protective against rotaviral gastroenteritis; 79-90% protective against severe disease (Med. Lett. 41:50, 1999)
Contraindicated in immunocompromised infants
May cause some fever (us. < 5d after administration). irritability, decreased appetite, and decreased activity
1 dose each at 2mo, 4mo, and 6mo
Should give 1st dose at < 6mos b/c more fever ass'd with the vaccine if first dose given > 6mo
Can co-administer with DTP, HIB, OPV, IPV, or Hep B

"Rotateq" ("RV5")

"Rotarix" ("RV1")