I. Diagnosis

  1. In an observational study of 110 kids < 5yo with acute respiratory infections, tachypnea (> 60/min if < 2mos, > 50/min if 2-12mos; > 40/min if > 12mos) was 74% sensitive and 67% specific for pneumonia on CXR. Inspiratory rales , retractions, and "clinical judgement" were all associated with lesser sensitivity & specificity (Arch. Dis. Child 82:41, 2000--JW)
II. Treatment
  1. In a randomized trial in 270 children 2-23mo randomized to elemental zinc 20mg PO QD vs. placebo, plus antibiotics, the zinc group had sig. reduced duration of "severe" pneumonia and sig. reduced overall hospital stay (mean 1 day less of each) (reference?)