Out of 264 European babies born to HIV-infected mothers who tested negative at followup at 16mos to 8y of age, 9 had previously been positive by viral culture or PCR earlier in life. All had nl CD4 counts and no sx; none had received any anti-HIV tx; none of moms were on AZT in pregnancy. This was about 2.7% of all babes who had at least 2 positive non-serological HIV tests (Lancet 347:213, 1996)


839 HIV-positve, previously untreated children randomized to AZT, DDI, or both. Over median 32mo f/u, RR of first progression (Ca, growth failure, 2 or more OI's, or 2 or more CNS abnormalities) or death was sig.higher in AZT group c/w kids treated w/DDI alone or combination therapy; the latter 2 groups had no sig. difference between them. Combination therapy ass'd with sig. greater risk of serious anemia or neutropenia. CD4 counts and p24 antigen levels did better in combo than DDI alone group but not sustained through duration of f/u (NEJM 336:1704, 1997--AFP)