See also general section on "Viral Hepatitis"

I. Hepatitis B

  1. Vertical transmission can occur
  2. Hep B E Ag is a marker of risk of neonatal transmission, with 80-90% transmission rates in HBEAg + moms, 25% if they're negative
  3. 40% of infants exposed will become chronic carriers
  4. If mom is Hep BSAg positive; treat neonate with Hep B vaccine & Hep B immune globulin.

II. Hepatitis C

  1. Acute HCV inf in preg ass'd with mat. mort 10-18% & perinatal transmission 6%; if seropositive but no active dis. no change in mat/neonatal outcomes (Obs.Gyn. 80:609, 10/92)
  2. No clear documentation of transmission by breastfeeding as of 8/99