Studies investigating safety of home birth

I. Davies et al. (BMJ 313:1302, 1996-JW)

  1. British study, 256 women who planned home delivery; 57% actually delivered at home
  2. No perinatal complications in those who delivered at home

II. Northern Region Perinatal Mortality Survey Coordinating Group (BMJ 313:1306, 1996-JW)

  1. British study; reviewed 3466 home deliveries, some planned, some unplanned
  2. Perinatal mortality 1.7/1000 live births for the 1733 planned home births that actually took place at home
  3. Perinatal mortality 9.7 for all births in the region
  4. Unintended out-of-hosp deliveries 45/1000 live births
  5. Of 14 fetal/neonatal deaths during planned home births, 2 were felt to have been avoidable with different management

III. Wiegers et al. (BMJ 313:1309, 1996-JW)

  1. 1836 low-risk women, 1140 planned home delivery
  2. For primips, no difference in perinatal outcomes home vs. hospital
  3. For multips, overall birth outcome was sig. better at home than in hospital

IV. Ackermann-Liebrich et al. (BMJ 313:1313, 1996-JW)

  1. Swiss study of 214 matched pairs of women, each pair with one planning hosp. and one planning home delivery (matched for age, parity, history, and social class)
  2. Home deliveries had sig. fewer interventions
  3. No difference in maternal or fetal outcomes