I. Port wine hemangioma

  1. Benign, generally widespread, hyperemic, non-elevated, usually facial
  2. Treatments include CO2 laser


II. Cavernous hemangioma (aka "strawberry")

  1. Occur in 4-10% of newborns of European descent, female:male 4:1
  2. Most are on head or neck
  3. Elevated and bright red-to-pink
  4. Caused by enlargement of dermal vessels
  5. Usually disappear spontaneously before 2yrs of age. Can bleed, ulcerate. get infected; if so, excise.
  6. If > 3 are noted consider ultrasound to check for hemangiomata of liver and/or spleen
  7. Treatment: photodynamic therapy, intralesional corticosteroids, surgery