Accessing Dr. Rose's Peripheral Brain with a Handheld Computer


The Peripheral Brain can be easily ported to a handheld device, including those using the Palm OS (Palm, Handspring, Sony CLIE, etc.) as well as Pocket PC devices (e.g. the Compaq Ipaq). There are several "web-clipping" applications that will allow you to load the Peripheral Brain on your handheld device and have it automatically update itself when you "synch" your device with your desktop computer. The ability to update any handheld version of the Peripharl Brain is particularly important, as the content changes on a very frequent basis.

I have designed a separate "front page" for the Peripheral Brain designed for use with web-clipping software. There may be other software that will work as well but I have not tested any other applications.

To install the Peripheral Brain on your handheld using AvantGo, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the AvantGo logo above--this will take you to their website. You will be prompted to sign in (if you're not yet an AvantGo user, follow the links to sign up and install the software) and then be taken to a page to add the Peripheral Brain as an AvantGo channel. The parameters should be filled in already. Click the "Save Channel" link
  2. Sync up your handheld and you're good to go!

I am always open to feedback about the Peripheral Brain--e-mail me if you have any comments or suggestions.

I'd like to acknowledge Anurag Relan, MD whose suggestions inspired this next step for the Peripheral Brain.