Score: 0 1 2 3
Station -3 -2 -1 or 0 +1 or +2
Dilation of cx Closed 1-2 3-4 > 4
Effacement of cx 0-30 40-50 60-70 > 70
Consistency of cx firm medium soft  
Position of cx posterior midposition anterior  

(Obs. Gyn 24:267, 1964)

Bishop's score > 8 traditionally thought to predict good chance of vaginal delivery with induction of labor

n.b. Bishop's Score correlates poorly with outcome of induction of labor. In a study of 443 women with Bishop's score < 9 who required delivery and given either hygroscopic cervical dilation or PGE2 for cervical ripening, cervical dilation alone both before and after cervical ripening was a better predictor than the Bishop's score of successful labor induction, duration of latent phase, duration of second stage, oxytocin use, and successful vaginal delivery (Obs. Gyn. 90:784, 1997--AFP)