"Modified biophysical profile" = NST and amniotic fluid assessment only; may be as useful as full BPP in assessing fetal well-being

Get max score of 2 for each variable; max score = 10. Often done without NST and score reported as x/8

Score of 8-10 is reassuring; 6 is suspicious, 4 or less is worrisome


Breathing movement 1 or more lasting at least 30sec in at least 30min of observation
Gross body movement 3 or more discrete movements in 30 minutes
Fetal tone 1 or more active extension with return to flexion of hand, limbs, or trunk
Amniotic fluid volume 1 or more pockets of fluid measuring 1cm or more in 2 perpendicular planes
Or AFI of 5 or more; note that the purpose of measuring the AFI is as an
indicator of chronic hypoxia; may get oligo from other causes, of course.
NST Standard criteria