About the Peripheral Brain: The Peripheral Brain is a hypertext knowledge environment containing my notes on medical subjects. It contains most of the information I routinely refer to in my own practice. To use the Peripheral Brain, simply choose a general topic heading in the frame on the left and if necessary, follow the links to narrower and narrower topic headings until you find the info you seek. Navigation through the Peripheral Brain is just like that for any other website. You may also use the search window in the frame on the left (if you can't see it, just scroll down).

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I hope other health care providers will find this page useful and that it will encourage them to explore both the medical literature and the use of information technology in medical practice. If you like this and think you could use something similar in your practice, feel free to download it and change it to suit your tastes. Just take note of the copyright issues discussed below. If you have questions about downloading or editing the files, feel free to e-mail me and I will try to help.

Eric Rose, MD
Department of Family Medicine
University of Washington