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Block 02: Between John St. and Denny Way , and 9th Ave. and Westlake Ave.

Block 2 is located between Westlake Avenue, 9th Avenue, Denny Way and John Street. It is home to the South lake Union Discovery Center and Denny Playfield.

Block 03: Between John St, Westlake Ave E, Denny Way, & Terry Ave N

An in depth look at the block between John St, Westlake Ave E, Denny Way,  & Terry Ave N. This block once suffered from frequent landslides and also still has trolley tracks from the interurban train that used to pass through the neighborhood.

Block 04: Terry and Boren

Block 4 is is bounded by Denny Way, Terry Way, John Street and Boren Avenue. The block is home to the Seattle Times headquarters building.

Block 05: Between Boren Ave N, Fairview Ave N, John Street and Denny Way

Block 5 is bordered by Boren Avenue, Fairview Avenue, John Street and Denny Way. This block is mostly spanned by a public parking lot, but further investigation reveals a strong connection to the Seattle Times.

Block 08: Between Yale Ave N and Eastlake Ave E

Block 8 is bordered by Yale Avenue, Eastlake Avenue and Denny Way. Its landscape, especially its topography, has been impacted by the Denny regrade in the early decades of the 20th century and the construction of I-5 in the 1960's.

Block 09: Shaped by REI and I-5

Block 9 is bordered by Eastlake Avenue, Yale Avenue, Thomas Street and John Street. Now home to the REI flagship location, the block has also been shaped by early 20th century earth-moving projects and by the later construction of Seattle's major highway, I-5.

Block 11: Immanuel Lutheran Church

Block 11 is bordered by John Street, Thomas Street, Minor Avenue and Pontius Avenue. The Immanuel Lutheran Church is one of the block's landmarks. Built in 1907, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Block 12: Between Minor Ave N and Fairview Ave, John St and Thomas St

Block 12 is bordered by Minor Avenue, Fairview Avenue, Thomas Street and John Street. Until 2010, one of the largest tenants on this block was Cascade Natural Gas Corporation, which had maintained a presence in the area for over 50 years. Now, much of the block is owned by a private developer.

Block 14: Boren Avenue North and Terry Avenue North

Block 14 is bordered by Boren Avenue, Terry Avenue, John Street and Thomas Street. Many light industrial buisnesses were once located on the block, as was a Catholic Home for the Elderly.

Block 15: Basketball Mural

Block 15 is bounded by Westlake Avenue, Terry Avenue, John Street, and Thomas Street. An electric streetcar line once ran down Westlake Avenue, perhaps servicing some of the residents whose homes were located on this block. The block was only known for a four-story mural of a Seattle Sonics player.