Billboard Advertising Mission Hills, Guangdong Province, China

Palm Meadows, Bangalore


Innovation Regions

Global Challenge

Media commentary

"Thirsty Chinese Cities Getting Drier as Skyscrapers Rise," Environment: Yale Magazine, Fall 2008

"We Are Not 'The Next Silicon Valley',", February 2008

"Seattle's Transportation Malaise is Nothing Special,", December 2007

"Amazon Joins a Parade of High-Tech to the Urban Core,", December 2007

"Building Better 'Burbs," Stanford Report, September 2007

"Dems Aim to Repeat Success in the West," Associated Press, December 2006.

PodTech Weekly: Tech Abroad, from India to Iran, December 9, 2006

"How the North American West is One," Stanford News Service, Fall 2005.

"Schwarzenegger: The Newest Progressive," with Jon Christensen. High Country News, March 2005.

"Terrorists May Alter the Face of Urban America," Public Affairs Report, Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California at Berkeley, December 2001.

Policy Publications

Cities and Regions in a Global Innovation Economy. 2008 briefing book written for the International Regions Benchmarking Consortium, a collaborative research effort among nine economically dynamic metropolitan regions from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

Meeting the Global Challenge. 2006 report for the University of Washington that outlines the connections between higher education and dynamic communities and regional economies.

Learning from History: How State and Local Policy Choices Have Shaped Philadelphia’s Growth.” Historical analysis of the tax and land use policies that have reinforced the city-suburb divide in this major metropolitan region. Appeared in the Greater Philadelphia Regional Review, March 2002.

Fight or Flight: Metropolitan Philadelphia and its Future. Pennsylvania Economy League, 2001. This publication received major press coverage in the regional media and spurred new conversations about governmental and civic collaboration. Awarded prizes by the American Society of Landscape Architects and national communications organizations.

Moving Beyond Sprawl: The Challenge for Metropolitan Atlanta. This report, supported by the Turner Foundation and the Brookings Institution, analyzed the roots and consequences of unbalanced growth and economic segregation in the Atlanta region, and presented some prescriptions for change. Published 1998.

Selected talks and presentations

West Coast Poverty Center, University of Washington

Center for History, Society, and Culture, University of California at Davis

Metropolitan History Workshop, University of Michigan

Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Sustainable Built Environment Seminar on "Building for a Better World," Stanford University

John S. Knight Fellowship Program for Professional Journalists

Miller Center for Public Affairs, University of Virginia VIDEO

The University of Pennsylvania Institute for Urban Research

Conference on "The Future Metropolitan Landscape," University of California at Berkeley

The Public Policy Institute of California

Stanford Law School Environmental Law Workshop

The Johns Hopkins University History of Science and Technology Colloquium

Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies, Princeton University

Newberry Library Seminar on Technology, Politics, & Culture

Stanford Historical Society NEWS ARTICLE

Social Science History Institute Seminar, Stanford University

Berkeley Center for Globalization and Information Technology



Direct Democracy in the West: Historical Roots and Political Realities

Starting West: The Region’s Image and Identity in National Media and Culture

On the Edge: Metropolitan Growth and Western Environments

Land Use Planning Then and Now: Learning from History


Policy History Conference (panel organizer, presenter, chair and comment)

Urban History Association Conference (plenary organizer; chair and comment; presenter)

Organization of American Historians (panel organizer and chair; presenter)

American Historical Association - Pacific Coast Branch (chair and comment)

Social Science History Association (book roundtable subject; panel organizer; presenter)

Society for the History of Technology Annual Meeting (presenter)

Society for American City and Regional Planning History (presenter)