Table 3

The differences between the two surveys are chiefly due to the following discrepancies in ratings. Thailand, Malaysia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, El Salvador, and Guatemala rate six or higher on the Polity II scale, but are coded only " ;partly free" by Freedom House; Honduras, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic, coded "free" by Freedom House, do not make a score of six in Polity II for 1986. Included as well in the Freedom House listings are a score of very small countries that do not meet the Polity II population criteria. Accounting for the change between 1986 and 1988 in the Freedom House fraction is mostly the movement of the Philippines and Korea (South) from "partly free" to "free" status.
TABLE 3.    
Two surveys compared    
Survey "fraction democratic"  
  1986 1988
(institutional democracies) 39.6  
Freedom House    
(free countries) 37.2 39

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By Alexandre Tiersky