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Born in Springfield, Mass. in 1959 (addicted to the Boston Red Sox in the fateful year of 1967), and moved to L.A. in 1969, where I took a 2.0 average my senior year to the University of California, Santa Cruz. After six eventful years, the Crown College administration at UCSC convinced me to leave in exchange for a B.A. in American Studies in 1983. Somehow managed to get into Yale AND complete my dissertation AND receive a PH.D., an eventuality several of my high school teachers had bet heavily against ever happening, and which cost them dearly. Re-united with ex-college housemate, future soulmate, and pre-school educator extraordinaire Elizabeth de Forest in 1989, married in 1990 and lived for several blissful and underemployed years in Tesuque and Cundiyo, New Mexico, where I worked variously as a cook, deli counterperson, freelance writer, and part-time instructor at New Mexico Tech, and published Santa Fe Food Tour: A Guide to Good Eats (Blaze Press: 1992), now sadly out of print. In 1993 moved ourselves and our two dogs, Nicky (a Lab mix) and Frieda (a Border Collie mix), to the Northwest to take advantage of the dreary overcast skies, occasional stunning views of various mountain ranges, and the health insurance afforded us by a faculty position at the University of Washington, Bothell. Along the way published An Army of Women: Gender and Politics in Gilded-Age Kansas (Johns Hopkins University Press,:1997), which was listed as one of Choice's “Outstanding Academic Books; "Non-Partisan and All-Partisan: Rethinking Woman Suffrage and Party Politics in Gilded-Age Kansas," Western Historical Quarterly (February 1994), which was awarded the Oscar O. Winther Award; and Breaking New Ground: American Women, 1800-1848 (Oxford University Press: 1994, which was named to the New York Public Library Best Books for Teens list; and was honored with a UWB Distinguished Teaching Award in 1996 (see c.v. for more details). For three years, took up gardening with a passion. Nicky died in 1996 but Bear, a Chow-Lab mix (he's cuter than that sounds) came to us via the Humane Society the following year. Asher Abraham Goldberg de Forest came along in 1998 (not a moment too soon, I might add), joined by Jonah Raphael in September of 2001, and that's the family tally up to this point. (Update: Both Frieda (at around age 17) and Bear (around age 14), have both passed, and we are now managing to make do with only one dog, Shadow, a Golden-Black-Flat Coated, etc. mix) Gardening gave way to parenting, but still manage to occasionally engage in two remaining passions, cooking and music-making (the later primarily with the musical cooperative UDubB Jammin', a mix of faculty, staff and students). Teaching interests include U.S. political culture, popular culture, film studies, gender, and the environment. Lately I have become smitten with the possibilities of educational technology when combined with a learning-centered perspective, which begins with identifying outcomes and the best way of assessing them, and includes integrating learning styles, scaffolding, educative assessment, and other fun stuff (click on the links to learn more about these concepts). Current areas of research focuses especially on issues of historical thinking skills, technology, writing, and how to help people like me who don't manage their time well. For more info on my research projects connected to this new obsession, see my faculty page on the IAS/UWB site. For publications, see my online C.V.


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