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BLS 463: U.S. Women's History
Winter 2007

Prof. Michael Goldberg
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UMail: Students may use this form to email me about suggestions for the course. Students may choose to do this anonymously. (The message appears in my email inbox folder as "anonymous student" and cannont be traced.) Students may also use this to make any additional points about class discussion that they weren't able to make during class. As appropriate, I will respond to signed messages directly to the student, and unsigned messages through this page or in class. For more information about the "UMAIL" teaching tool, visit the UW Catalyst Tools/Examples page. To send an anonymous message CLICK HERE.

For other contact information, CLICK HERE. Confused? Upset? Elated? On the verge of an epiphany and need a slight nudge? For whatever reason, I strongly encourage you to contact me and communicate about it.

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