Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography



Meredith L. Clausen

Professor, Architectural History

School of Art, Division of Art History

College of Architecture & Urban Planning

Adjunct Professor, Romance Languages & Literature

University of Washington




      Ph.D. University of California,  Berkeley. December 1975

      Dissertation: "Frantz Jourdain and the Samaritaine Department Store of 1905," directed by Jacques de Caso, Norma Evenson, and Jean Bony

      M.A. University of California, Berkeley. June 1972

      Thesis: "Normandy and the Genesis of Gothic Architecture," directed by Jean Bony

      B.A. Scripps College, Claremont, California


Teaching Experience

      Tokyo Institute of Technology, Visiting Professor, fall 1996

      University of Washington, Professor, 1993-present

      University of Washington, Associate Professor, 1985-93

      University of Washington, Assistant Professor, 1979-85

      Stanford University, Visiting  Associate Professor, Summer 1987

      Stanford University, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1985-86; Summer 1984

      Stanford University, Acting Assistant Professor, 1977-78; Summer 1979

      University of California, Berkeley, Summer 1977

      Colorado College, Colorado  Springs, Spring 1976-Winter 1977

      University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California, 1976


Grants, Awards and Honors (all grants to me as an individual except the Humanities Center grant in 1998 and NEA in 1977)

      Humanities Center Grant for ³Vienna 1900² Web Project, 1998 (one of four principal investigators)

      Arts & Sciences Curriculum Development Award, April 1997

      Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Spring 1995 for book on the Pan Am building

      Paul Mellon Visiting Senior Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, Spring 1994

      Governor's Award, State of Washington 1993, for Spiritual Space. The  Religious Architecture of Pietro


      Arts and Humanities Research Professorship Award, 1990

      Graduate School Research Fund Summer  Stipend, 1988

      National Endowment for the Humanities Grant, 1988

      American Council of Learned Societies, Summer Travel Grant, 1987

      J. Paul Getty Publication Grant, 1985

      Graduate School Research  Fund Grant for work on Belluschi, 1985

      Graduate School Research Fund Summer Salary Grant for research in Paris, 1981

      University of Washington Nominee, Bunting Institute Fellowship for Women, Radcliffe College, 1981

      American  Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 1977-78

      National Endowment for the Arts, 1977

      Dean's Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, 1974-75

      Fulbright-Hays Fellowship for doctoral research, 1973-74

      Honorary Traveling Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, 1973-74

      Full tuition scholarship (Honors student), Smith College, 1969-70

      Woodrow Wilson finalist, Scripps College, 1963


Major Teaching Areas

      Architecture Since 1945

      19th century Architecture

      20th century Architecture

      American Architecture

      Architectural History: Theory and Methodology

      Introduction to the History of Architecture


Courses Taught (selected list only)

      Introduction to the History of Architecture (basic survey, 200 level)

      19th c. Architecture (400 level lecture class)

      20th c. Architecture (same)

      American Architecture (same)

      Graduate seminar, 20th century architecture (specific subject changes annually)

      Post-war Japanese Architecture (20th c. seminar, winter 1994-95)

      Seminal Readings, Architectural History (20th c. seminar, winter 1995-96)

      Graduate Methodology Seminar (art history)

      Italian Fascism: Architecture & Power, jointly taught with Italian Studies

      Honors lecture course in architecture (undergraduate; specific subject varies)

      Faculty Seminar in  Comparative Arts, Director (NEA sponsored seminar, 1980, renewed 1981)

      French Architecture 1880-1914 (graduate seminar, Stanford)

      Regionalism (graduate seminar, Stanford; U.W.)

      Problems in the Design of the Museum (graduate seminar, Stanford)

      Washington State Architecture


Foreign Languages

      French (spoken and written)

      German, Italian (written)



      Czech Republic, France, England, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, China




      The Pan Am Building and the Collapse of Modernism, MIT Press, publication expected 2002



      Pietro Belluschi. Modern American Architect. MIT Press, 1994; ppbk ed. 1999


      Spiritual Space. The Religious Architecture of Pietro Belluschi, Univ. of Washington Press, 1992.


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"Merchant Builder Meets High-End Architect: Joseph Eichler and Pietro Belluschi,"Eichler Network, Fall 2001.


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      "The Pasadena Art Center, and the Curious Case of Craig Ellwood,² Casabella, #664, February 1999.


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      "La Samaritaine," La Revue de l'Art, Paris, #32, 1976, 57-77.


Papers and Lectures


      "Computer Technology and the Globalization of Architecture," Session Chair, SAH Annual Meeting, Toronto, April 2001.


      ³Philip Johnson, the Portland Building, and the Great Unknown,² plenary lecture, Western Regional ACSA conference, Portland, October 1999


      ³Cultural Identity in American Architecture: The Thai Temple and the Expression of Thai-Americanism,² Beyond Babel Conference, Western Humanities Alliance, October 1999 (paper accepted, unable to go)


      ³Portland: the Role of the City in the 21st Century,² keynote speaker, symposium, Portland, March 1999


      ³Living with a Landmark: The Church of the Redeemer,² Baltimore, MD, fall 1998  


      "Migrating Architecture and the Trade of Ideas," Summer Institute sponsored by the Jackson School of International Studies, June 1997.


      "Architecture and Memory," session moderator, annual international conference of the ACSA (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture), Berlin, May 1997.


      "Gaudi," Tacoma Art Museum, March 1997.


      "Philip Johnson, the Portland Public Service Building, and Power Politics," SAH meeting, St. Louis, April 1996.


      "La Grande Gare au XXe Siècle en New York: Du  Grand Central Station au Pan Am Building," conference organized by the Ministère de la Culture and Association pour l'Histoire des Chemins de Fer en France, Paris November 1993.


      "Paul Tillich, Holy Emptiness, and Belluschi's Church of the Redeemer," Conference on Sacred Space, March, 1993.


      "Belluschi's Later Churches," Society of Architectural Historians, Northwest Chapter, Astoria, OR, October 1993.


      "The Pan Am Building and the Demise of Modernism," Stanford University, May 1993.


      "Radiant Floor Heat: the Utopian Dream," Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, Charleston, S.C., 1993.


      Multiculturalism in Architectural History, panel member. Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, N.M., 1992.


      "The Pan Am Building and the Death of the  Street," Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, 1991.


      "New Developments in Technology and Their Impact on the Building Industry, 1930-1970," Session Chair, Society of Architectural Historains Annual Meeting, Boston, 1990.


      "Changing Philosophies of Architectural Education, 1925-1968," Session  Chair, Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, Chicago, 1988.


      "Hippolyte Taine, Creativity, and the Critical process," Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 1987.


      "Pietro Belluschi and the Emergence of Modernism in the United States," Society of Architectural Historians, Washington DC, 1986.


       Also given in public lecture, Stanford University, spring 1986.


      "The Department Store - Development of the Building Type," public lecture, Stanford University, l985.


      Also given at the University of Utah as part of their public lecture series, February l986.       


      "Northwest Regionalism in a National Context, Keynote speaker, AIA Northwest Regional Convention, 1985; chair, panel discussion.


      "Spokane and the American Renaissance - the Case of K.K. Cutter," Eastern Washington State Historical Society, Spokane, Washinton, 1985.


      "Architectural Polychromy in Art Nouveau Architecture," Society of Architectural Historians, Pittsburgh, 1985.


      "Northgate Shopping Center - Paradigm from the Provinces," Society of Architectural Historians, Minneapolis, 1984.


      "Tiffany and the Art of Illumination," Society of Architectural Historians, 1984 (paperaccepted, invitation declined).


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      "The Rise of Modern Architecture," Bush School for Boys, Adult Education Series, Oct.1983.


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      "Architecture in California: Regional or Provincial?" University of Santa Clara, fall 1977.


      "Architecture of the Belle Epoque," University of Santa Clara, Spring 1977.


Special Projects

      Cities/Buildings Database (online database of digitized images for academic use throughout the university and professional community; now under auspices of Center for Digitized Information, Suzzallo Library)


Professional Activities

      External Reviewer:

            promotion case, USC, 2002 (James Steele)

            tenure case, U. of Minnesota, 2000 (Katerine Solomonson)

      External Ph.D. Examiner:

            University of Cambridge, Cambridge, Oxford, England, 2002 (Robert Proctor)

      Manuscript Reviewer:

            MIT Press

            University of Chicago Press

            Cambridge University Press

            Oregon Historical Society

      SAH Nominating Committee, member (2001)

      SAH Electronic Media Committee, member (1998-present)

      Research for U.S. Navy on Paul Thiry

      Member, Alice B. Hitchcock Annual Book Award, Society of Architectural Historians (national organization), 1996-97

      Member, Architectural Education and Electronics Committee, Society of Architectural Historians (national organization), 1991-present.

      Referee, manuscripts submitted to the JSAH (Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians)

      Referee, Division of Research Programs, National Endowment for the Humantities, 1988-present.

      Board of Directors, Society of Architectural Historians, 1986-1990.

      Advisory Board, Oral Histories in  American Architecture (joint-project, UCLA and NEA), 1987.

      Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, State of Washington (governor appointee), 1979-1985.

      American Institute of Architects, Washington Chapter, exhibition, "The History of Unbuilt Seattle," by Seven Cecil with program notes by Meredith L. Clausen, November 1981.

      Regional Director of the Stained Glass Census of America.

      Fulbright Teachers Exchange Program

      Pacific Division of the American Philosophical Association on Aesthetics


University Service

      Invited Presentations, HEC Board, Technology in the Classroom (sponsored by theUndergraduate Dean's Office)

      Urban Design and Planning Ph.D. Program Review Committee (Graduate School; spring Œ98)

      Graduate Program Adviser, Art History, 1996-present

 Design/History position, search committee (Arch. Dept, winter/spring Œ98)      

      Modern Search Committee, winter quarter, 1997

      Thesis Award Committee, Chair, Department of Architecture, 1994-

      Western European Studies Steering Committee (John Keeler, chair), 1994-

      European Studies Program Founding Committee (Eugene Webb, chair), 1993-

      Honors Council (Stevan Harrell, chair), 1989-

      Graduate Opportunity Research Assistantships Selection Committee, 1992-

      Early Identification program (minority mentoring), 1991-

      Graduate School Academic GrievanceCommittee, 1987-

      Thesis Award Committee, Department of Architecture, 1987-

      Committee on Audio-Visuals, College of Architecture & Urban Planning, 1987-

      Library Committee, College of Architecture & Urban Planning, 1987-

      Library and Visual Aids Committee, School of Art, 1989-

      Faculty Council on Facilities and Services, 1986-88.

      Saturday Seminars, "Modernism to Post-Modernism," fall 1991.


Community Service

      Boeing Design Conference, 8 August 2001

      Lecture/discussion, NBBJ architectural firm, Retail Unit  (dept store, shopping center, and other retail complexes), spring 2000

      Lecture, "Paris in the Age of the Impressionists," SAM, June 1999


Membership in Progressional Organizations

      American Institute of Architects (affiliate member)

      Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecturue

      Society of Architectural Historians

      American Council of Learned Societies

      Fulbright Association



Current graduate committees:


      Eun Boo Kim, architectural history (chair; in progress)

      Shuishan Yu (chair; degree in progress)

      Kelly Miller (chair, degree in progress)

      Lenore Hietkamp (chair, degree in progress)

      Giulia Guarnieri (Italian Studies; Ph.D. committee, degree in progress)

      Jennifer Seltz (History; supervisory committee; degree granted spring 2000)

      Michael Rausch (History; Ph.D. committee; degree granted spring 2000)

      Myungkee Min, architectural history (chair; degree granted 1999)

      [Keith Takechi, art history, committee member)]



      Steve Zielke (M.Arch granted spring 2000, chair)

      Lars Scharnholze (Preserva. degree granted, Summer, 1999; chair)



      Marvin Anderson, architectural history (chair)

      Elizabeth Troyer, architectural history (chair)

      Russ Craig, architectural history (chair)

      Catherine Walworth (chair; degree completed

      Danielle Turner (Japanese; degree completed

      Whitney Watanabe (Japanese; degree completed)


Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Awards (faculty mentor)

      Kim Christiansen (Civil Engineering), 1996

      Delphine Daniels (Architectural History), 1997

      Mahnaz Sherzoi (Architectural History), 1998

      Amy Frerker (Architecture), 1998

      Paul Davis (Architecture; Mary Gates Research Symposium participant, 2000)

      Adam Merkl (Art History), 2000