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The Mathematical Ecology Journal Club (MEJC) is a group of students and faculty
in applied mathematics, biology, and quantitative ecology and resource management who are
interested in the mathematical aspects of ecology and resource management.
MEJC meets once a week and encourages participants to explore topics of common interest.

During autumn, 2013, MEJC will meet

Tuesday, from 3:30-4:20 pm, in Lewis 208

(Please follow the link for registration information.)

This fall, the journal club will read through the new book

Post, E. 2013. Ecology of Climate Change: The Importance of Biotic Interactions. Princeton University Press.

The schedule for the quarter is:

Date Chapter Topic Moderators
10/1 P, 1 Recent Climate Change Cole Monnahan
10/8 2 Pleistocene Warming and Extinctions James Faulkner
10/15 3 Life History Variation and Phenology Alex Hornof
10/22 4 Population Dynamics and Stability Rosie Leung & Scott Rinnan
10/29 5 The Niche Concept Melissa Muradian & Chloe Bracis
11/5 6 Community Dynamics and Stability Brooke Davis & Brendan Zehnder
11/12 6 Community Dynamics and Stability Kiva Oken & Lowell Thomson
11/19 7 Biodiversity, Distributions, and Extinction Pamela Moriarty & Austin Phillips
11/26 8 Ecosystem Function and Dynamics Christine Stawitz & Laurel Ohm
12/2 8, 9, P Leftovers, Overflow, and Conclusions