Sŏnghak sipto (Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning)


Chinese text


        Source: Tosan chŏnsŏ (Seoul: Hanguk Chŏngshin Munhwa Yŏn'guwŏn. 1980),

Vol. 1, pp. 188-204.


Presentation Text

Chapter One: Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate

Chapter Two: Diagram of the Western Inscription

Chapter Three: Diagram of the Elementary Learning

Chapter Four: Diagram of the Great Learning

Chapter Five: Diagram of the Rules of the White Deer Hollow Academy

Chapter Six: Diagram of "The Mind Combines and Governs the Nature and the Feelings."

Chapter Seven: Diagram of Chu Hsi's Explanation of Humanity

Chapter Eight: Diagram of the Study of the Mind

Chapter Nine: Diagram of the Admonition for Mindfulness Studio

Chapter Ten: Diagram of the Admonition on "Rising Early and Retiring Late."