research materials I am an amateur oil painter. I tend to paint urban landscapes of the places in which I live. Below are links to some of my paintings.



Seattle & the Pacific Northwest

  Leschi Mid-Century Modern 20"x16" oil on board. Plein air.
Horton Street 36"x48" oil on canvas.
Yesler Trolley Bridge 36"x48" oil on canvas.
Lakeside Ave S 16"x20" oil on board.
Coleman Park 48"x36" oil on canvas.
Balky Hill, Twisp 16"x12" oil on board. Plein air.
Highway 12 Walla Walla 48"x36" oil on canvas.
Palouse Highway 36"x18" oil on board.
Leschi Pier 48x36" oil on canvas.
The Viaduct 16"x12" oil on board.
The Dinosaurs 48"x36" oil on canvas. Gift to Bill Beyers.
Leschi Park Serpentine 16"x20" oil on board. Plein air.
Blake Island 20"x16" oil on board. Plein air.
Riding the Wave 48"x36" oil on canvas.
Madrona Cottages 36"x48" oil on canvas

Christchurch, New Zealand

  Leaving the Pub
State Insurance
Sunlight in an Empty Room
Christchurch Alley

Vancouver & Canada

  Cambie Street
Vancouver Summer
Mapleleaf Gardens
Toronto Steps

Worcester & New England

  Joslin Court
Mattapan Outbound 48"x36"" oil on canvas.
House on Neptune Street
Orient Heights 48"x36" oil on canvas.
Leaving the Village
Arkus Drugs
Quinsigamond School
Blue Line Outbound