michael brown


I am a professor of Geography at the University of Washington in Seattle. I am an urban political geographer with specific interests in sexuality and health.

My current research with Larry Knopp is on the bipolitical geographies of public health and liquor control in mid-Twentieth Century gay Seattle.


recent publications

Michael Brown and Larry Knopp 2016 "Sex, drink, and state anxieties: governance through the gay bar," Social & Cultural Geography 17: 335-358.

Gail Dubrow, Larry Knopp & Michael Brown (2015) "ACT UP versus straighten up: Public policy and Queer community-based activism," in P. Doan ed. Planning and LGBTQ Communities: The Need for Inclusive Queer Spaces (New York: Routledge), pp. 202-216.

Michael Brown & Larry Knopp (2014) "The birth of the (gay) clinic,"Health & Place. 28: 99-108.

Michael Brown, Larry Knopp, Stefano Bettani & Andrew Childs (2014) "The gay bar as a place of men's caring," in A. Gorman-Murray and P. Hopkins Eds. Masculinities & Place(Burlington, VT: Ashgate), pp. 299-317.



Geog 276 Intro to Political Geography

Geog 377 Urban Political Geography

Geog 315 Explanation and Understanding in Geography

Geog 511 Research Design


graduate supervisions

Andrew Childs

Skye Naslund

Will McKeithen

Julian Barr

Ayanda Masilela

Omer Kazanci



b.a. Clark University, 1988

m.a. University of British Columbia 1990

ph.d. University of British Columbia 1994