My first name is the Irish (Gaelic) form of Michael and rhymes, as my father-in-law noted, with UHaul: i.e., meeHAUL. (The "c" is lenited --sounded like a simple, aspirated "h" with no guttural color--and this is indicated by the dot that should appear over the letter, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that in HTML yet. The alternative spelling would substitute a "ch" for the dotted "c", but this makes the name look too much like Michael, to which I usually don't answer.)

I prefer the accent on the second syllable--but many native speakers in fact accent it on the first.

My family name is an Anglicization of the Irish O'Beacháin (or, as some family members would have it, O'Macháin) and is found for the most part in West Clare. My father's family is from Lahinch, just down the road from Ballyvaughan (= the town of the Vaughans).

Locals there pronounce the family name disyllablically: VAW+hun. (The second syllable is almost swallowed.) Elsewhere, the monosyllabic form (in common with the Welsh Vaughans, no relations) is favored: VAWN.