(The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin)

(diplomatic transcription by Míceál F. Vaughan [February 1998])


                                                                                                            f. 72A vb
…………… •
…………… at wo
……………e •
……………o mai
…………… dai
……………es þre
……………de •
……………n ende •

                                    ;                                   73ra

W ho so bere3 palm þe tokne is þis

Þ at in clene lif he is

Þ at is to vnderstonde

H it is tokning of loue

Þ at god him haue3 wraththe for3oue

Þ at bere3 palm on honde

Þ is is þe þridde þing

Þ at palm bitokne3 wi3outen lesing

W han man had palm inome

Þ at man haue3 in his ri3t

Þ ourgh þe vertu of godes mi3t

H ise enemis ouercome

þ e ferthe þing is to wite

A se godes clerkes finde3 iwrite

N o lesing hit ne is

Þ e man þat here3 palm aboute

A lle hise enemis him sschulle doute

G odes baner hit is

Þ at bitokne3 wi3outen nay

P alm on palmes sonenday

Þ at man is al aboue

3 if a man is clene ischriue

A nd halt penaunce him is i3iue

Þ an haue3 he godes loue

¶3 if þi palm is ri3t inome

Þ an hauest þou ouercome

Þ e fend þourgh flessches fi3t

Þ anne be3 þin enemis ouercome

A nd here mi3t hem is binome

A nd þou here palm ari3t

¶F orsothe we here clerkes telle

A lle þe fendes Þat be3 in helle

B e3 in wesse and wrake

W han a cristenelyian in londe

B ere3 trewliche palm on honde

A nd haue3 hise sinnes forsake

¶A nd ihesu and his moder marie


A nd alle here swete compaignie

Þ at be3 in heuene iset

B e3 glade whan we be3 idi3t

F or to beren oure palm ari3t

A nd habben oure sennes bet

¶F or palm of alle flour is pris

O f rose rode of flour delis

Þ at to our leuedi was sent

Þ at oure leuedi was clene of lif

C lene maiden and clene wif

B itokne3 verrament

¶And clene virgine 3he was also

Þ at is herere þan þe two

W if oþer maidenhede

F or womman mai lese virginite

W i3 wille and þout so mot ich(?) þe

W i3outen fleschlich dede

¶B ut maidenhod may non bilorn

O f no womman þat is born

W i3 outen mannes mone

N e no maiden wi3 childe gon

N e neuer 3ite ne dede non

S aue oure leuedi al one

¶3 e was maiden and virgine

A nd bar a child wi3outen pine

Þ at men clepe3 ihesus ;

Þ at in erthe man bicam

A nd bataille vndernam

A 3en þe fend for ous

¶Þ ise be3 þe toknes wi3outen lesing

W hi ihesu heuene king

S ente here palm into erthe

F or þere nas neuere womman bore

N eiþer after ne bifore

Þ at was so mochel wurthe

¶O ure swete leuedi milde and fre

I hered and heghed mote 3he be


3 he make 3oure blisses newe

3 he tok þe palm þat god here sente

A nd into here chaumbre anon 3he wente

A nd dede on cloþes newe ;

¶O ure swete leuedi maiden bri3t

K nelede adoun anon ri3t

A nd seide here bileue

A nd bad a bone to god in heuene

F or hise dereworhte names seuene

Þ at no fend sscholde hire greue

¶W el owghte þanne al mankenne

Þ at habben lein in dedli senne

B oþe dai and ny3t

O f þe fend to ben adrad

W han 3he swich a bone bad

Þ at bar þe king of mi3t

¶ Þo 3he hadde bede þat bede

3 he wente anon in þe stede

T o q-ibbe and fremde ek

A nd made hem come to gedere a non

A nd to hem alle made here mon

A nd doelfulliche 3he spek

¶3 he saide ihesu mi swete sone

N elle no lengere ich here wone

S wich sonde he haue3 me sent

Bi an aungel þat cam fram heuene

Wi3 a ful milde steuene

And a3en is went

And ich biseche 3ou par charite

Alle þat hiþer be3 comen to me

Boþe heghe and lowe

3if ich habbe don vnri3t

Let me amenden be mi mi3t

And be mi geltes aknowe


¶Alle þat stonden here bi

O f þo wordes were sori

F or 3he was so hende

And seide leuedi what is þi þowt

H aue merci on vs and leue vs nowt

W hi wiltou fram vs wende

I n muchel sorewe and muchel wo

S schulle we liue when þou art go

B oþe dai and ni3t

I blessed be þon swete leuedi

T o vs þou hauest be ful redi

T o seruen vs day and ni3t

¶Þ ous þai saiden alle wi3 tonge

Þ ai wepen sore and honden wronge

I n herte hem was ful wo

þ e poure þinges þat seke weren

Þ o þai herden wi3 here heren

Þ at 3he wolde go

¶Þ anne saide oure swete leuedi

T o alle þe þat stoden hire bi

Þ at wopen and wrongen

N e wepe3 nowt holde 3on stille

I ch mot do mi sones wille

I ne mai hit nowt wi3 stonde

¶H ire herte armede oure leuedi bri3t

A nd gan to wepe anon ri3t

F or pite þat 3e segh3

Þ o made þai alle reuliche mone

A nd bigonne to wepe ech one

A lle þat stoden hire negh3

¶þ o kam sone seint Ion

A nd segh3 oure leuedi make hire mon

A nd seide mi leuedi dere

T el me leuedi milde of mod


W ho haue3 seid þe ouwt bote god

W hi makest þou swuche chere

M arie answerede wi3 milde steuene

I ohan me kam a sonde fram heuene

B i an aungel bri3t ;

M i sone þat bowghte man so dere

N elle no lengere þat ich be here

I blessed be his mi3t

¶Þ erfore ich wepe and mai nowt blinne

F or we sschullen parten atwinne

M in herte arme3 sore

A nd wel fawe ich wolde see

M i sone . iblessed mote he be

I ne saugh3 him newt wel 3ore

¶Þ o Iohan herde hou hit was

H e si3te sore and saide allas

H ou go3 þis worldes winne

L euedi what sschal be mi red

C ertes nou ich wolde bi ded

N ow we sschulle parten atwinne

¶M i louerd þat deide on rode tre

I n to heuene is went fram me

Þ at ine mai wi3 him speke

A nd þou wult leuedi wende me fro

A llas allas what me is wo

W hi nelle myn herte breke

¶I ohan quad oure leuedi þo

Þ erfore be þou no þing wo

T o heuene 3if ich am nome

I ch wille biseche mi sone dere

Þ at þou ne sschalt nowt longe dwellen here

T o me þou sschalt come

¶Þ ous oure leuedi and saint Iohan

E ither to oþer maden here mon


A ls 3he stonden ifere

H ou aiþer vpon oþer wep

W ho so tok þer of kep

P ite hit was to here

¶A lle þe apostles weren went to preche

I n diuerse stedes þe poeple to teche

I n bok als 3he moun here

A nd alle hem cam toknyng

F ram swete ihesu heuene kyng

þ at þere þai comen ifere

¶A ls god hit wolde for þe nones

A lle þai comen þider at ones

A se manie als þere were

S auue seint Thomas of ynde

W o was him he was bihinde

H e ne was nowt þere

¶A non ase þe apostles seghen

S eint Iohan wep wi3 his eghen

Þ ai weren amaid alle

J ohan quad Peter leue fere

W hi makst þous foule chere

W hat is þe bifalle

¶P eter quad Iohan iwis

F ormest þou sschalt telle me þis

H ou be 3he hider ilad

H ow was 3oure counseil inome

Þ at 3he be3 alle hider icome

Þ at were so wide isprad

¶P eter and hise felawes echon

A nswereden seint Iohan

A se manie ase þere were

Þ ai saiden þai hadde wonder alle

O f þe kas þat was bifalle

H ou þei comen þere


¶N ou wolle ich telle quad seint Iohan

W harfore ich make mi mon

And whi ich wepe so sore

An aungel cam fram swete ihesus

And to oure leuedi seide þous

3he ne sschal ben here nammore

¶F or no þing þat mai bitide

3 he ne mot here no lengere abide

N e libbe but daies þre

S wich tiding haue3 þe aungel brout

F ram him þat al þe werld had wrout

I blessed mote he be

¶Þ erfore 3he be3 hider isent

T o ben at here enterement

M i leuedi milde and fre

N ou mowe 3he counforte me in þis kare

W han mi leuedi is fram me fare

W elcome mote 3e be

¶Þ o wiste þai ihesu sente hem þider

A nd wenten forht alle to gider

T o oure leuedi and seiden þous

W e be3 at þi comaundement

H ider to þe ous haue3 isent

Þ i sone swete ihesus

¶Þ anne seide maiden Marie

T o peter and to his compaignie

W elcome mote 3e be

I blessed wurht be dai and ni3t

M i sone ihesu ful of mi3t

Þ o þat sente 3hou hider to me

¶A nd ich biseche 3hou for his loue

M i sone þat sit vs alle aboue

Þ at hider 3ou haþ isent

N e lete3 no Iwes ful of enuye


D o mi bodi no vilainye

W han þe soule is went

Þ o oure leuedi þous hadde iseid

I n a bed 3he was ileid

A nd held hire þere ful stille

A lle þe apostles seten hire bi

A nd lokeden oure swete leuedi

T o abide godes wille

¶A lle fillen aslepe echone

S auue oure swete leuedi alone

N o slep wi3 here þer nas

D rede of de3 was in here þout

Þ erfore 3he ne slep nowt

A nd no wonder hit nas

¶O f de3 3he moste ben adrad

G od þat on þe rode was sprad

A ls telle3 þe profecie

A 3ens de3 þat was to come

Er he was wi3 Iues nome

He was afered to die

¶Holi writ telle3 þous

Þ at oure louerd swete ihesus

Þ at is so milde of mod

F or al his power and his mi3t

O f de3 he was so sore afri3t

Þ at be swatte blod

¶Þ erfore ihesu ful of mi3t

S ente adoun an aungel bri3t

T o his moder þer 3e lai3

F or 3he wiste wel þourgh his mi3t

Þ at 3he wolde ben afri3t

A 3en here de3 dai

¶Þ e aungle li3t doun bi here bed

And saide Marie be nowt adred


O f deht þat is negh3

F or nowt þat þou sschalt here se

Þ ous sente þi sone word bi me

I n heuene þat sit on hegh3

¶Q uad oure leuedi milde and fre

I blessed mote mi sone be

Þ at me þat sonde sente

A nd þe aungel þat was so bri3t

T ok his leue anon ari3t

A nd in to heuene wente

¶A 3hens oure leuedi sscholde bi ded

A l þe erthe quok for dred

A nd after cam a þonder

B ut oure leuedi dradde nowt

F or tiding þat þe aungel had browt

O f al þat grete wonder

¶S one after þat anon

Þ e apostles werken euerichon

Þ anne seide oure leuedi bri3t

M i time come3 þat isschal fare

I n to blisse out of þis kare

W ake3 alitel whi3t

¶B i toknes þat ich habbe iherd and sein

I n slepe while 3he habben lein

I ch wot mi de3 is negh3

I heried and heighed mot he worthe

S wich tokne mi sone sente nouþe

Out of heuene on hegh

¶Boþe ni3t and eke dai

O ure leuedi in here chaumbre lai

T o bide here sones wille

A nd þe apostles were ful hende

N olde neuer on fram here wende

But helden hem þere al stille


¶I hesu þat þolede de3 on tre

F or to maken vs alle fre

V pon gode fridai

A compagnie wi3 him be nam

A nd to his swete moder he cam

I n chaumbre þer 3e lai

¶Þ o swete ihesu ful of mi3te

W as comen wi3 his augles bri3te

Þ anne seide oure leuedi fre

S one blessed be þat stounde

Þ at ich 3ede wi3 þe ibounde

A nd welcome mote þou be

¶M oder quad swete ihesu þo

W i3 me to heuene þou most go

W i3 al þis compaignie

A nd wone þere wi3 outen ende

I n þe blisse þat haue3 non ende

B ut formest þou most die

¶Þ anne seide oure leuedi Marie

L eue sone let me nowt die

I ch beseche þe

L eue sone for mi loue

L et mi de3 be for3oue

3 if hit mai so be

¶ L eue moder quad swete ihesus

F or sothe hit mot nede be þous

Þ i de3 maist þon nowt fle

¶F or al þat liue3 al sschal die

O þer elles moder ich moste lie

A nd þat ne mai nowt be

¶S one quad oure leuedi þo

A se þou wult ich wille al so

B ut ich biseche þe

L et me neuere be so afri3t


O f þe fend to habbe no si3t

For þe loue of me

¶M oder quad ihesu ne doute þe newt

H it ne cam neuer in mi þowt

Þ at þou sscholdest habben asi3t

O f no fend 3if ich mai

B ut Ioie and murthe þat leste3 ay

B oþe dai and ni3t

¶O ure swete leuedi was glad þerfore

A nd blessed þe time þat he was bor

A nd in hire bodi li3te

A nd mildeliche wi3 outen pine

A non 3e deide þat swete virgine

Þ at bar þe king of mi3t

A nd as hit telle3 in þe bok

Þ e soule out of here bodi he tok

I hesu ful of mi3te

A nd wi3 murthe of aungeles steuene

H it was ibore to þe blisse of heuene

Þ ere alle murthes be di3te

¶Þ o þe soule of maide marie

W i3 al þat faire compaignie

T o heuene was iwent

A lle þe apostles þat þere were

L eiden þe bodi vppon a bere

Þ ourgh godes comaundement

¶Þ anne seide ihesu anon

Peter tak þine felawes echon

A nd nime3 vp þe bere

A nd 3e sschulle finde a redi paht3

I n to þe val of Iosephaht3

And burie3 mi moder þere

A nd a palm þat ich here sente


B i an aungel þat to here wente

T o warn here 3he sscholde die

J ohan þat palm þou sschalt bere

M i moderes bodi for to were

Fram Iwes ful of enuye

¶Þ o ihesu þous hadde iseid

Þ e bodi þat on þe bere was leid

Þ ere hit lai al stille

I hesu 3af hit his blessing

A nd stegh3 to heuene þer he was king

A s hit was his wille

¶W el oughte we þat ben in erthe

W ere þai neuere so litel wurthe

F or to worsschipen louerd oure

W han swete ihesu ful of mi3t

C am into erthe fram heuene li3t

H is moder for to onoure

¶A nd who so nelle nowt be war

T o honoure þe moder þat him bar

A nd his fader at nede

S wete ihesu heuene kyng

H aue3 graunted hem luther ending

A nd sshort life to mede

¶A nd who so honure3 be his mi3t

H is fader and his moder ari3t

A ls he sscholde do

H e sschal habbe ate byginning

L ong lif and god endyng

A nd heuene blisse þer to

¶Þ o ihesu was to heuene went

A nd þe soule þider was sent

Þ anne seide seint Iohan

G awe don as god vs het


G awe forht3 vpon oure fet

W i3 þis cors anon

¶F oure apostles þat þar were

T oken vp a non þe bere

Þ ei nolde no lengere dwelle

Þ ei wenten þourgh hout þe toun

W i3 a fair processioun

A mang þo Iwes felle

¶þ e Iwes þat weren godes fon

H erden þe apostles singen echon

A nd senten for to enquere

O f þe noise þat þai herde

W uche manere hit ferde

A nd what noise hit were

¶M en tolde þe Iwes ful enuie

Þ at hit was houre leuedi marie

Þ at was boren þourgh þe toun

T o buriing richeliche idi3t

A nd wi3 mani torches li3t

Wi3 fair processioun

¶þ an seide þe Iwes ful mote hem falle

Þ is is a gret despit wiht alle

Þ at ani man sschal bere

M arie þat bar þat foule traitour

S schal be bore wi3 swich honur

Amoung us alle here

¶G awe don hem sschame inow

A nd caste þe bere amiddes þe slow

A nd anon ri3t

A Iw laide hond vpon þe bare

A nd al fast he cleuede þare

Þ ourgh vertu of godes mi3t

¶O þer þat comen to don hire sschame


W exen boþe blinde and lame

F oule mote hem falle

B lessed be þe king of mi3t

Þ at so sauede his moder ri3t

A mang þe Iwes alle

¶Þ e apostles hadde god game

Þ at þai 3ede so to sschame

A l was here plei

Þ ei nere no þing agaste

B ut songen euere iliche faste

A nd wenten forht here way

¶Þ e Iw þat cleuede vpon þe bere

K new peter þat was þere

A n seide wi3 inne a stonde

B id þi lord þat is so hende

D eliure me vt of þis bende

Þ at ich am inne ibounde

¶Peter answerede þo

T o him þat was ibounden so

A nd in sorewe browt

Þat ihesu mi louerd is ful of mi3t

Nou þou mi3t se bi si3t

Þat þi bileue nis nowt

¶3 if þou wilt bileue þis

Þ at ihesu almi3ti is

Þ at deide vpon þe tre

I s ihesu þat our leuedi bar

I ich wille bidden him als idar

H abbe mercy on þe

¶Þ e Iw þat hangede on þe bere

A mang alle þat þere were

T urnede anon his þought

A nd seide ich bileue þis


Þ at ihesu almi3ti is

And al þe werld made of nowt

¶A nd was boren of Marie

A nd for þe poeple wolde die

F or me and oþer mo

A nd bidde him 3if his wille be

Þ at he habbe pite of me

A nd bringe me vt of wo

¶A non rit in þat stede

S wete ihesus herde his bede

A nd liured him of bondes

A nd he held hise hondes vprit

A nd þonked ihesu ful of mi3t

A lle hise swete sondes

¶A lle þe Iwes þat þere were

O n him þat hangede on þe bere

I nweie þer 3e 3ede

S patten on him anon ri3t

F or he leuede on godes mi3t

A nd be ne tok non hede

¶P eter bad him gon and preche

A nd þat he sscholde þe Iwes teche

W hich was godes mi3t

A nd he wente and was ful glad

T o do þat seinte peter bad

A nd bileued ari3t

¶H is bileue was crist and god

A nd ful wel he vnderstod

W ho browte him out of wo

A nd prechede þat er þe þridde dai

H e made leuen on godes lay

A n hondred Iwes and mo

¶L ete we nou þis miracle be

A nd of oure leuedi telle we

A nd of þe apostles echon

H ou þai wenten bi apaht3

I nto þe val of Iosephaht3

A nd buriede oure leuedi anon


¶Þ o oure leuedi was buried þere

A lle þe apostles þat þere were

T o þe cite þai 3ede

A nd in þai wenten a non

A nd were ful sori euerichon

T o murthe 3he toke non hede

¶F or er 3he passenden fram þe ston

Þ er cam to hem an aungel anon

I n þilke selue stede

A nd bad hem wende forht to preche

A nd þe poeple for to teche

A ls 3he ere dede

¶L itel mete þat dai 3he eten

B ut at þe mete longe þai seten

A nd maden mourninde chere

E uerich to oþer made his mone

Þat oure leuedi was fram hem gone

Þat was hem lef and dere

¶W hile 3he seten in þat place

S wete ihesu ful of grace

K am þilke selue dai

W i3 cumpaignie of aungeles bri3te

A nd into Iosephaht3 he li3te

Þ ere oure leuedi lai

¶I blessed be hise names seuene

H browte here soule vt of heuene

I n to erthe amang man kenne

I hesu as hit was his wille

W ente to þe bodi al stille

A nd putte þe soule þer inne

¶Þ ous swete ihesus wis of red

S uffred his moder to be ded

T o fulfulle þe profecie

F or in þe bok hit is told

Þ at al þe world 3ong and hold

A l þat liue3 sschal die

¶Þ erfore ihesu ful of mi3t

B rouwte here soule fram heue li3t


W hi3 murthe of aungles steuene

A nd soule and bodi and flessch and bon

3 he was boren vp a non

I n to þe blisse of heuene

¶Þ ough a man mi3te dwelle

Þ er nis no man þat mai telle

Þ e ioie in heuene was di3t

A 3enes oure leuedi bri3t and sschene

A nd þere 3he was corouned qwene

W i3 ihesu ful of mi3t

¶O n of þe apostles þer was

Þ at was ihoten seint thomas

And was boren in hynde

K am to þe buriing ward

A nd brak his felawes foreward

H e was to longe bihinde

¶A nd bi þe weie als he 3hede

T o iosephaht3 thomas tok hede

A nd wi3 is eghen he segh3

O ure swete leuedi seinte Marie

W i3 ihesu and his compaignie

T o heuene where 3he stegh3

¶S eint thomas was agast anon

O f hise felawes echon

F or he nas nowt þare

H e was a sshamed seint thomas

A nd ful sori þerfore he was

A nd in muchele care

¶S wete leuedi quad seint thomas

A t þi buriing nowt i nas

A s ich sscholde habbe be

Þ at ich bodiliche telle mai

Þ at ich saugh þe here to dai

S om tokne send þou me

¶B ut þou sende me som tokning

M ine felawes wille leue no þing

Þ at ich saugh þe here

H elp me leuedi leue lif

L este þer wexe bitwene vs strif

W han we comen ifere


¶O ure leuedi blessed mo 3he be

O f thomas hadde gret pite

I n kare þat was ibounde

Þ e gerdel of hire middel smal

N owt a gobet þer of but all

3 he let falle to grounde

¶A nd Thomas was war of þat

V pon knowes þere he sat

A nd þe gurdel he tok

A nd oure leuedi stegh3

A nd nammore of hire he ne segh3

A s witnesse3 holi bok

¶S eint thomas ne reste neuere on gronde

H er he hadde hise felawes founden

þ er þei seten on rowe

A nd a non as 3he were mette

W i3 feire wordes he hem grette

A nd mekede him to hem lowe

¶Þ e god apostel seint Iohan

H e spak to thomas anon

Þ o he tok of him hede

A nd seide to him thomas of hinde

E uere more þou art bihinde

W here were þou at þis nede

¶Þ ous þe apostel seint Iohan

B lamede seint thomas anon

F or he nas nowt þere

A nd echon þat euer þer was

A lle blamede seint thomas

A se manie als þer were

¶T homas of hinde stod all stille

A nd let hem habben al here wille

A nd seggen al here þout

F elawes quad Thomas so mot ich þe

I saugh oure latter þan 3he

Þ erfore ne chide3 me nowt

¶T homas thomas quad seint Iohan

W e laiden hire in a þrough of ston

A nd þere we here lete

W hich manere mi3t hit be


Þ at þou here seghe latter þan we

W e ne dede seththen but ete

F elawes quad thomas þo

F orsothe 3he is þenne i go

A nd went elles ware

I ich warne 3he wel so mot ich þriue

Þ ough 3he highen neuere so bliue

3 he ne sschulle nowt finde hire þare

¶Þ ous þou ferdest quad peter þo

Þ o swete ihesus was a go

A nd risen þourgh his mi3t

E r þou haddest þiself ifounde

W i3 þin hond his bitter wonde

Þ ou noldest nowt leuen hit ri3t

¶P eter quad Thomas so mot ich þe

I ch leue miself bet þan þe

I ch knowe oure leuedi ful wel

W i3 boþe myn eghen ich hit segh

I n to heuene where 3he stegh3

B oþe flesch and fel

¶A nd ich ortrowede in mi þought

Þ at 3e nolden leue me nowt

A nd ich bad hire a bone

3 he sscholde sende me som toknyngh

þ at ich was toward here burying

A nd 3he graunted me sone

¶Þ er isat vpon mi kne

L eue di blessed mote 3he be

Flour of wommen alle

Þ e gerdel þat 3he werede in herthe

I hered and heghed mote 3he werthe

B ifore me 3he let falle

¶A nd 3if 3he nelle3 nowt leue me

H ere 3he sschulle3 sone ise

I ne segge nowt amis

Þ e gerdel þat 3he werede here selue

3 he sente tokne to 3ou twelue

A nd lo here hit is

¶Þ o seint Iohan þe gerdel segh3

H e held vp boþe honden on hegh3


A nd knelede adoun ful lowe

A nd kuste þe gerdel a non ri3t

Þ o he hadde þer offe a si3t

A nd seide þis gerdel ich knowe

¶M i god felawes quad seint Iohan

I n Iosephaht in þe ston

B oþe were buried ifere

Þ o þe þrough was ischut

Þ e gerdel was aboute here knut

H ou hit euere kam here

¶I rede we wenden and enquere

W heder þe swete bodi be þere

Þ at bar swete ihesus

O þer 3he is out of monument

I risen and to heuene went

A ls Thomas telle3 vs

¶W ende we þider alle twelue

A nd se we þe sothe oure selue

Þ anne mowe be ful bold

3 if 3he nis nowt in þe ston

Þ anne hit is lesing non

Þ at thomas haue3 vs told

¶A lle twelue were at on

A nd wenten to þe þrough of ston

Þ ere oure leuedi was leid

N o þing in þe ston þer nas

Þ o wiste þai wel þat soht hit was

Þ at Thomas hadde iseid

¶L o felawes quad Thomas þo

Þ e swete bodi is a go

Þ at hider was ibrowt

F or 3e nolde nowt leue me

N ou 3e mowen 3oure seluen se

Þ at ich ne gabbed nowt

¶Þ o wenten alle þe apostles a non

A lle abouten þe ston

A nd knouledyn a doun

T o honoure þer þe bodi lai3

A l an houre of a dai

Þ ei leien in oreisoun


A nd anon ihesu crist

S ent a swithe grest mist

A boute þe apostles twelue

A nd echon in diuerse stede

T o prechen ase þai here deden

W as boren bi him selue

A lle were a wondred in here þowt

H ou sone 3he were atwinne ibrowt

A nd no wonder hit nas

B ut swete ihesu ful of mi3t

Þ at made boþe dai and ni3t

A se he wolde; al so hit was

¶I blessed be he swete ihesus

Þat swich a loue had kud vs

Þ our his mochel mi3t

T o crownen a womman of oure kinde

Q wene in heuene  habbe3 hit in minde

A nd serue3 god ari3t

A gret loue he kudde vs anoþer

H e bicam in erthe oure broþer

A nd oure fader he is

A nd bowte vs out of seruage

A nd 3af ous to oure heritage

H euene riches blis

¶W el owte we be blithe of mod

H euene is oure þourgh kinde of blod

O vre and oure childre

S wete ihesu deide þerfore

A nd bowte hit þo hit was lore

Þ ourgh trespas of oure eldre

H e were a fol þat mi3te chese

A nd wolde þat heritage lese

F orloue of worldes winne

E ch man ase forht as he mai

Þ enk vpon domesdai

A nd sschome dedli sinne

¶N ou habbe 3e herd þe Resoun

O f þe swete assumpsioun

O f oure leuedi hende

I hesu þat is here swete sone

3 iue ous grace forto wone

I n ioie þat neuere schal ende

(Version: 5 February 1998)