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Michael K. Honey, Ph.D.

George Bush Blues

Copyleft Mike Honey 2003

Melody and lyrics by Mike Honey; arrangement and music by Steve DeTray

About the Song

In about 1940, Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie wrote their famous Talking Union. Unknown to most people, George W. Bush has rewritten the song for his own purposes, and it is reproduced below. It is reproduced here with apologies to folk and labor musicians and to Woody and Pete.

This is in the tradition of labor songs and especially parodies which recycle themselves according to current events. For more of those, hear Honey's Links on the Chain: Songs of the Labor and Civil Rights Movements.

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Listen to my story, I'm the man that knows
With Bush in charge, nearly anything goes
I drop the bombs, I cut the taxes
If you ain't with me, your're part of the axis - of evil that is.

When I took office people wondered why
I lost the vote but still got pie in the sky
The Supremes put me in, without a doubt
They put me in, but can you get me out?

There's floods around the world, transportation's a mess
The ozone layer, it's gone I guess
If you don't like pollution and all of that shit
Let me give you some advice - get used to it!

I cut the taxes for the rich, I cut the jobs for the poor
They want housing and health care, I wonder what for?
I grew up rich, to me everything's fine
And if you don't like it, you can walk the line - terrorist, I guess.

I'll bring you war and nuclear showers
A lot of kids will die, but they won't be ours
I'll put more troops onto foreign soil
Its about one word, and the word is oil.

Don't think for yourself, that's just outrageous
I don't give a damn about your starvation wages
We got a war to win against the workers and the poor
And if you don't like it we'll show you the door.

We'll put you in prison, let you do some time
If you're black or brown we'll make you walk the line
We've got prison labor for pennies an hour
You can break your back for a dime and a shower.

I'm from Texas y'all, and we know what to do
Get too smart we'll electrocute you.
If you think you've seen this all before,
You have you know, we call it class war - for the rich, that is.

Don't remember now, your sister and your brother
I'm counting on you to forget about each other!
Stand alone, not side by side
My rich friends and I we'll take you for a ride.
Leave us in charge and see what you get
If I were you I wouldn't place a bet - on the future that is.

All you can do is stand up strong
I hope you don't, because before too long
The workers and poor folks might get it together
Move into the sunshine from this stormy weather.

Unite the people and things might change
You could put me and my friends back out on the range
Take your country back if you choose
But I hope you don't - I've got a lot to lose!

I mean, take it easy, but take it.

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