Hotaka Mountains Hiking(10/9/99 - 10/10/99)

Participants: Bruno, Kiho, and Munehiro
Title: Looking toward Hotaka Mountains from Kappa-Bashi Bridge

Title: On the way to Mt. Mae-Hotaka (meaning Mt. Front Hotaka)

Title: Showing my best knee

Title: The view from the trail leading to Mt. Mae-Hotaka

Title: Looking down from the top of Mt. Mae-Hotaka (elev. 3080m)

Title: Looking toward Mt. Yarigatake (meaning Mt. Arrow) from Mt. Mae-Hotaka

Title: At the top of Mt. Oku-Hotaka (meaning Mt. Back Hotaka) elev. 3190m

Title: Looking toward Mt. Nishi-Hotaka (meaning Mt. West Hotaka) from Mt. Oku-Hotaka (Mt. Nishi-Hotaka was actually under the cloud, though.)

Title: Sunset from Hotaka Hut

Title: Hikers clinming to Mt. Oku-Hotaka early in the morning

Title: Beautiful coloring

Title: Karasawa Hut (at right) and Hotaka Hut (at the upper left) just in a fabulous scene.