ME Book

Errata on the first edition:


We tried to catch all typos before final printing--- however, below are those that have slipped through, some more serious than others (that does make us rather unhappy). We thank the following individuals for sending us typos and errors:

Dan Zelazo, Airlie Chapman, Marzieh Nabi, He Kong.  

We are working on the second edition of the book so do send us your comments/suggestions/errors if you see any.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
-page 18: "if i=1 or j=1" should be "if either i or j vary over a set of cardinality one. Note that a star graph is bipartite."
-page 19: definition of subgraph: the role of G and G' should be reversed.
-page 20: "Similarly, boundaries and closures ..." should be "Similarly, boundaries ..."
-page 21: second line after Fig. 2.8: "E' \subseteq E' " should be "E' \subseteq E"
-page 28, Definition 2.11: "directed cycles" should be "cycles"
-page 39, Exercise 2.3: Alkanes do not have carbon cycles
Chapter 3
- page 49: missing "-" before the matrix in the expression for \dot{x}
-page 51: Def. 3.7: "directed cycle" should be "cycle"
-page 52: expression for alpha_1 is missing a factor of (-1)^n
-page 64, equation (3.21): missing minus sign before L
-page 68, exercise 3.2: it is nicer to add use -1/2 instead of 1/2
Chapter 4

- problem 4.4: z(0) and z(t) should be \theta_i(0) and \theta_i(t) and the closed interval [-pi/2,pi/2] should be the open interval (-pi/2,pi/2)

Chapter 5
- page 91, lines 9 and 11: "n" should be "n choose 2"
Chapter 6
- page 135: equation in the middle of the page: "i > 2" should be "i >= 2"
Chapter 8
- page 214: R in equation (8.51) should be replaced by V
- page 218: k_i should be K_i in the last equation; z_i is z_i(k)
- page 219:  I(k|k) should be I(k|k-1) in the first boxed equation; also V_i should be V_i^{-1} in the equation for {\cal I}(k|k); Fig. 8.8 should be consistent with the two boxed equations
Chapter 9
- page 230: bullet: "they both" should be "neighboring nodes"
- page 230: equation in the middle of the page: "+" should be "or"
- page 233, line -2: "minimum" should be "maximum"
- page 233, line 4: $S_j = {\bar h}_q(S)$ should be $S_j = {\bar h}^j_q(S)$
- page 234: (9.15), there is no (delta+epsilon)/epsilon for the z-term in the Lyapunov function
- page 246, last equation on the page: "L(G)" should be "-L(G)"
Chapter 10
- page 318, exercise 11.9: this problem can be solved by letting the social objective be the sum of the individual objectives (not couting edge contributions twice) or consider the cycle be a Nash equilibrium instead.
- page 373, line 7: "not" should be "a zero"