Merz Laboratory


General microscopy references

Biophysical Society methods compendium β€” optical microscopy,
electrophysiology, single molecule techniques, spectroscopy, simulation...
πŸ”¬ FSU Microscopy Site β€” best optical microscopy reference on the web.
πŸ”¬ Β΅List Resouces for Light Microscopists
πŸ”¬ Video: How to align a microscope for Koehler Illumination
πŸ”¬ Other great Microcourses videos
πŸ”¬ 😱 😭 Microscopists' Nighmares videos
✰ FPbase | FP Vis
✰ Fluorescent Protein Resource Center @ Einstein
✰ Botman & al., 2019, In vivo characterisation of fluorescent proteins in budding yeast.

Our current microscopes

  1. A brand-spankin'-new (2019) spinning disk confocal, shared with the Hoppins Lab.

➑︎ Current optical configuration of the microscope on FPBase.

  1. An Olympus IX-71 inverted frame. This microscope is currently disassembled, in preparation for upgrades (stay tuned).
  2. A Nikon E-800 upright frame, equipped for epifluorescence. This microscope is currently configured with a home-built Peltier stage and objective temperature cuff for rapid temperature-shift studies like the ones in this paper.

  3. A Nikon Diaphot tissue culture microscope. A highly competent beast, built in the 1980s.
    Brief description here, in-depth teardown here

Misc Links

Camera Couplers at Best Scientific