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PubMed | NCBI | Google Scholar | Microsoft Academic
Eigenfactor | ISI Web of Science (restricted access)
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informatics & structure

SGD | WormBase
UNIPROT | Protein Calculator | BioGRID | PhosphoGRID | PhosphoPep
Rosetta | Robetta | FoldIt | I-TASSER | ConSurf
ExPASy | BLAST | CLUSTAL | Prosite | SMART | CDD | HullRad hydrodynamics calcs
NEB Tech Ref

yeast methods

The Yeast Book | SGD | MIPS Yeast DB | Yeast Resource Center @ UW
Brewer Lab — general yeast mol bio, chromosome replication...
Davis Lab — microtubule binding
Dunham Lab — great page: chemostats, mol bio, media, microarrays...
Fields Lab — yeast two-hybrid info
Gardner Lab — general yeast protocols
Gottschling Lab — a lot of really good general protocols
Hahn Lab — treasure trove of yeast and biochemical protocols
Herskowitz Lab — classic selection of general yeast protocols
Rout Lab — Michael Rout's group has state-of-the-art techniques for yeast cell disruption and affinity isolation of protein complexes.

worm methods

The Worm Book | WormBase | WormAtlas
CGCCaenorhabditis Genetics Center @ U. Minnesota
C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium
Japanese National Bioresource Project for C. elegans
Preiss Lab — great set of C. elegans resource links

membrane methods

Keller Lab — good set of links on lipids, membranes,
and other stuff that you should know about.

biophysical methods

Biophysical Society methods compendium — optical microscopy,
electrophysiology, single molecule techniques, spectroscopy, simulation...
FSU Microscopy Site — best optical microscopy reference on the web.
Fluorescent Protein Resource Center @ Einstein | FPbase | FP Vis
WEBMAXC Metal ion chelation calculator <<< AWESOME

uw technical resources

Analytical Biopharmacy Core
MedChem Mass Spec Center
UW Proteomics Core
High Throughput Screening Core
Keck Imaging Core
Center for Nanotechnology
Dept. of Chemistry Facilities & Services Links

small parts

PIC/RBC Bearings

Presenting results
Color Brewer — Colorblind-friendly palettes and LUTs for data presentation.
Data Visualization: a practical introduction, by Kieran Healy