Recent Professional Presentations

(selected to minimize overlap)


Cosmic Flows, Perimeter (8/15) (PDF, the thermal history of the IGM)

CIFAR Meeting BANFF, Alberta (2/15)  (PDF, cosmological perturbation theory in 1D)

UW Colloquium (PDF, the HeII Lyman-alpha forest)

Hubble Symposium (3/14) (PDF, stuff on dispersion measure)

UC Berkeley colloquium (9/13) (PDF, The metagalactic ionizing background and dense absorbers)

Hubble Symposium (3/13)(PDF, cross correlations to measure redshifts)

Caltech Colloquium (3/12) (PDF, 21cm science with emphasis on early universe)

Lawrence Berkeley LAB 4/11, (PDF, 3D Lyman-alpha Forest surveys)

Santa Cruz,  2/11 (PDF, WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT hydrogen REIONIZATION & ways to learn more)

Santa Cruz,  11/10 (PDF, helium reionization, Lyman-limit systems)

ASPEN, June 2010 (PDF, challenges with modeling hydrogen reionization)

aspen winter, 2010 (PDF, three new methods for studying helium reionization)