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Matt A. Barreto

Associate Professor, Political Science


  1. Barreto, Matt and Gary Segura. 2014. Latino America: How America’s Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation. Public Affairs Books. [ Preview book online ]

  2. Barreto, Matt and David Leal, editors. 2014. Race, Class, and Precinct Quality in American Cities. Springer Press.[ Preview book online ]

  3. Christopher Parker and Matt Barreto. 2013. Change They Can’t Believe In: The Tea Party and Reactionary Politics in America. Princeton University Press. [ Preview book online ]

  4. Barreto, Matt. 2010. Ethnic Cues: The Role of Shared Ethnicity in Latino Political Participation. University of Michigan Press [ Preview book online ]

Journal Articles

  1. Collingwood, Loren, Matt Barreto and Sergio García-Rios. 2014. “Revisiting Latino Voting: Cross-Racial Mobilization in the 2012 Election” Political Research Quarterly. 67:4 (Sept). [ Download PDF ]

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  5. Dana, Karam, Matt Barreto and Kassra Oskoii. 2011. “Mosques as American Institutions: Mosque Attendance, Religiosity and Integration into the American Political System.” Religions. 2:2 (Sept). [ Download PDF ]

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    Edited Volume Book Chapters

  31. Barreto, Matt and Gabriel Sanchez. 2014. “A ‘Southern Exception’ in Black-Latino Attitudes?.” In Tony Affigne, Evelyn Hu-Dehart and Marion Orr (eds.) Latino Politics en Ciencia Política. New York: New York University Press. [ Download PDF ]

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Related Research Reports

  • Barreto, Matt A. 2011. “A Summary of Voting Patterns in Los Angeles County.” Report Commissioned by: The California Citizens Redistricting Committee. Sacramento, CA. July 13. [ Download PDF ]

  • Barreto, Matt A., Christian Grose and Ana Henderson. 2011. "Redistricting: Coalition Districts and the Voting Rights Act." The Warrent Institute on Law and Social Policy, University of California, Berkeley. May. [ Download PDF ]

  • Barreto, Matt A. 2010. “Latino Candidates and Racial Block Voting in the 2010 Primary and Judicial Elections.” Report Commissioned by: The Los Angeles County Chicano Employees Association. Alhambra, CA. December 3. [ Download PDF ]

  • Barreto, Matt A. and Loren Collingwood. 2009. “Latino Candidates and Racial Block Voting in the 2008 Primary and Judicial Elections.” Report Commissioned by: The Los Angeles County Chicano Employees Association. Alhambra, CA. October 31. [ Download PDF ]

  • Barreto, Matt A. 2007. “Latino Candidates and Racial Block Voting in the 2006 Primary and Judicial Elections.” Report Commissioned by: The Los Angeles County Chicano Employees Association. Alhambra, CA. February. [ Download PDF ]

    Contact: mbarreto(at)u.washington.edu

    Department of Political Science