This page contains the source code and makefile for the thermal discrete-dipole approximation (T-DDA) 1.0 code. The T-DDA calculates the steady-state temperature distribution within and surrounding an externally-illuminated target immersed in a homogeneous background medium. The method utilizes lattice Green’s function and projection operator techniques to efficiently invert the system of equations that arises from discretizing the target and environment. Note that BLAS and LAPACK are required to run this program.

You may download all T-DDA files by clicking TDDA1.0.zip .

T-DDA is gratis, subject to the GNU General Public License. You may copy, distribute, and/or modify the software identified as under this agreement. If you distribute copies of this software, you must give the recipients all the rights that you have.

If you use T-DDA then we request that you cite the following paper that explains its implementation:

Christopher L. Baldwin, Nicholas W. Bigelow, and David J. Masiello Thermal Signatures of Plasmonic Fano Interferences: Toward the Achievement of Nanolocalized Temperature Manipulation Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5, 1347 (2014).

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