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theory of light manipulation on the nanoscale

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We are a group of theoreticians working at the interface of plasmonics, nanophotonics, and quantum optics. Our research is aimed at building a theoretical understanding of nanoscale optical, magnetic, electronic, and thermal phenomena mediated by surface plasmons. Of particular interest is the fundamental science of light manipulation, especially in nanomaterials capable of directing light towards desired pathways, such as optical-frequency magnetism, spatially-directed thermal patterning, room-temperature quantum information processing, and enhanced solar-energy conversion.
We elucidate cutting-edge experiments in both electron and optical spectroscopies, providing insight into the optical-frequency responses of metallic and semiconductor nanostructures, and our theoretical approaches are currently being used by the experimental community to direct the design of advanced materials with unprecedented functionalities. Our efforts are particularly focused on:

  1. Fast electron spectroscopy, i.e., electron energy-loss/gain and cathodoluminescence

  2. Thermo-plasmonics

  3. Plasmonic energy and electron transfer

  4. Semiconductor plasmonics

  5. Hybrid plasmonic-photonic systems

  6. Magnetic and thermal plasmonic metamaterials

We accomplish these goals by constructing new theoretical paradigms--borrowing ideas from atomic and condensed-matter physics, many-body theory, and optics--together with the requisite numerical algorithms needed to explore a variety of optical phenomena on the nanoscale.  We are challenged to work in areas where no prior theoretical formalism or codes exist, allowing us to pursue research directions unexplorable with current theory/software.  At present we collaborate with multiple experimental groups at UW as well as with others throughout the US and abroad.

The Masiello group is supported by the National Science Foundation CHE and DMR, Department of Energy BES, NSF XSEDE, the American Chemical Society, and the University of Washington Clean Energy Institute.


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Prof. David J. Masiello


phone: (206) 543-5579

office: Bagley Hall, Room 323

Masiello group, Winter 2014