United States Foreign Policy
Winter Quarter 2010

Professor Stephen Majeski

Communications 044B
Office hours: Wed 11:30-12:30, Th 1-2 or by appointment

Teaching Assistants: Moon Yeong Choi ( mychoi@uw.edu ) and Tim Rich ( richt@uw.edu )


Full Syllabus

Course Notes
  Foreign Policy as a Means Driven Activity
  An Empire of Client States
  Trends in US Foreign Policy before 1900
  How the US Acquires Clients
  Post WW II US Foregin Policy
  The Core of the Cold War
  The Rountine Maintenance of Clients
  Intervention on Behalf of Clients
  Hostile Interventions Against Enemies
  Recent U.S. Foreign Policy
  Hostile Interventions Against Iraq

Paper Assignment

Mid-term Study Guide (PDF)

Final Exam Study Guide (PDF)