Fall 2014

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Dr. Malcolm R. Parks 

Office: 340C Comm


Office Hours: TU & TH 1:40 - 2:40 or by appointment


Last updated: October 30, 2014



Course Syllabus (updated on 10/28)

Panopto Recordings of Lectures (select the folder for Com 202, Fall 2014) (Note: this link seems to work better using Chrome or Safari rather than IE as your browser)


Study Questions (Midterm on Oct 28 will cover Weeks 1-5)

Week 1-2 (updated 10/5)

Week 3 (updated 10/9 after class - terms & questions with a line through them will not be on the quiz because we didn't get to them in class today).

Week 4

Week 5 (includes additional items from previous weeks)



Assignments and Announcements:

Section assignment for Friday Oct. 31. Complete and bring to sections.

Instructions for converting your test scores to a tentative grade


Engagement Exercises: (please include section code & TA name on what you hand in)

As of the afternoon of 10/28, we are no longer accepting flashcards on Lectures 1-9

Model flashcard 1 - "Channel"

Model clarification exercise (Note: clarification exercises should begin by accurately summarizing what was said in class and then turn to clarify some remaining area of confusion. That is, don't "clarify" by repeating what was said in class in the first place.)

Note: Example and clarification exercises must no exceed one double-spaced, printed (12-point font) page. Overlength submissions will be penalized beginning 10/29)