Preroughening Induced Deconstruction
in Si and Ge (001) Type Crystal Surfaces

Marcel den Nijs

Department of Physics, University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington 98195-1560

Journal of Physics A 30, 397 (1997)


The (001) facets of Si and Ge have an uniaxial structure which changes direction at each mono-atomic step. This type of topology is unusual and new for the theory of surface roughening and reconstruction phase transitions. It can be incorporated into the solid-on-solid model description. The phase diagram includes preroughening transitions and disordered flat phases without the need for step-step interactions. The competition between this and the 1x2 reconstruction in Si(001) can be described by a generalized 4-state clock-step model. This leads to the prediction that Si(001) and Ge(001) undergo a preroughening induced simultaneous deconstruction transition.

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