Physics 528, Autumn 2021


Marcel den Nijs
Department of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle
Friday 12:30 pm - 14:20 pm

This course provides first-year Physics Graduate Students with an overview of research performed in our department
to assist them selecting a research group. Each week three different Faculty speak about their research for 30 minutes each
with two 10 minute long breaks for discussion.

This year the course will be in hybrid format, in person in PAA A114 some weeks and online using Zoom otherwise.
The Zoom link will be provided by e-mail.

An advantage of Zoom is that the speakers might walk us through their (virtual) labs.

For CREDIT in this course, a student must:
(1) attend ALL lectures
(2) visit one specific research group at the end of the quarter by Zoom, and return
the Visit a Research Group Form to Marcel den Nijs
before the end of final exam week.

The detailed Schedule below includes links to research pages provided by the speakers.
The Physics Department WEB site contains many more detailed links to specific research groups WEB sites.


Friday October 1: (in-person)
  • 12:30-12:35 pm: Introductory remarks.
  • 12:35-12:40 pm: Applying for NSF Graduate Fellowships
  • 12:40-13:00 pm: Marcel den Nijs, Topological Invariants in Condensed Matter Physics
  • 13:10-13:40 pm: Paul Wiggins, How parsimony is penurious: Some surprising secrets of success... for bacteria
  • 13:50-14:20 pm: Miguel Morales, 21 cm Cosmology and the Universe's first stars
Friday October 8: (online)
  • 12:30-13:00 pm: Mo Li, Quantum transduction between light and sound
  • 13:10-13:40 pm: David Cobden, 2D topological insulators and other 2D quantum matter in the lab
  • 13:50-14:20 pm: Armita Nourmohammad, Statistical Physics of Evolving Systems
Friday October 15: (in-person)
  • 12:30-13:00 pm: Gerald Seidler, Enabling and Executing Concrete Applications of Physics
  • 13:10-13:40 pm: Sanjay Reddy, Nuclear and particle astrophysics in the multi-messenger era
  • 13:50-14:20 pm: Arka Majumdar, Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics
Friday October 22: (online)
Friday October 29: (hybrid)
  • 12:30-13:00 pm: David Masiello, Simulation of Quantum Many-Body Physics Using Light
  • 13:10-13:40 pm: Sarah Keller, Phase separation of living and artificial systems
  • 13:50-14:20 pm: Arthur Barnard, New tools for probing quantum nanosystems
Friday November 5: (online)
Friday November 12: (online)
Friday November 19: (in person)
  • 12:30-13:00 pm: Matthew Yankowitz, Correlations and topology in 2D materials
  • 13:10-13:40 pm: Deep Gupta, Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices
  • 13:50-14:20 pm: Masha Baryakhtar, New observables in theoretical particle physics
Friday November 26:
  • Thanksgiving break
Friday December 03: (in-person)
  • 12:30-13:00 pm: David Hertzog Fundamental Physics at CENPA
  • 13:10-13:40 pm: Samu Taulu Magnetoencephalography: Theory and applications in brain imaging
  • 13:50-14:20 pm: Gray Rybka, Laboratory Microwave Particle Astrophysics
Friday December 10:
  • "Finding a Research Group" Panel.


According to UW rules everybody must be fully vaccinated for Covid and wear masks at all times when meeting in-person.

Students who require SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS or encounter special (un)expected circumstances during the quarter
should contact me as early as possible, See also: Disability Resources for Students.

The RELIGIOUS ACCOMMODATIONS policies of the UW can be found here: