Physics 423, Winter 2019


Marcel den Nijs

Office: PAB B429
Department of Physics
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

9:00 am-10:20 am
Tu & Th
PAA A110

Snow update:

Due to the snow we missed 2 lectures, the Tuesday lectures on Feb 4 and 11. As a result of this we canceled the Midterm and moved all HW due days after the snow event to Tuesdays. This pushing forward means that the final HW set (number 8) is canceled as well. HW sets 4-7 are now all required to receive a course grade. The Course grading scheme is now as follows: The Final Exam counts for 40% and the HW for 60%.


This is the senior level undergraduate Solid State Physics Course.

We will cover classic material from sections I to VII of the textbook for this course, "The Oxford, Solid State Physics Basics," by Steven Simon, augmented likely with some lectures about the quantum Hall effect and how similar topological phases occur in current research like graphene.

fountain effect in superfluid He-4


All homework assignments and solutions, the midterm solutions, specific lecture notes, and all other electronic communications for this course will be posted inside the Canvas Tools provided by the UW. These are accessible to every student signed up in class. It also includes discussion options to encourage communication among students.


Office hours are on Wednesdays 1pm-3pm and Thursdays immediately after class. This is not rigid. You are invited to come to my office at any time (room B429), with questions, comments, and suggestions, or whatever; provided I am not preoccupied with something urgent. You can also always e-mail me.


To qualify for credit you must participate in all but one of the 8 homework assignments, take the midterm exam, and take the final exam. Homework counts for 40% of your grade, the midterm for 30%, and the final exam for 30%.

Homework is due every Thursday in class before the lecture, except during the week of the midterm.

Working on homework assignments in groups is encouraged. The condensed matter conference room B417 can be reserved for that purpose, ask me for a time slot if your group likes to meets there. B417 is very close to my office, making it easy to ask me questions.

The midterm is tentatively scheduled to take place in class on Thursday February 14.
The Final takes place on Wednesday, March 20, 2016, 10:30-12:20 am, in PAA A110.

All tests are closed book exams. You prepare one page with notes for use during the Midterm, and one additional page for the Final (bring both).

Students who require special accommodations or encounter special (un)expected circumstances during the quarter should contact me as early as possible so we can work out the course aspects of those together in a timely fashion.