This is the Home Page for SPHSC 505 Clinical Research in Communication Disorders

Prof. Lesley B. Olswang
Eagleson Hall 205

This course is taught winter quarter 2000, and every other following year. It is a graduate course in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. The course email address is

Prerequisites: SPHSC 504 or permission of instructor

This course is designed to provide students with general information regarding research that evaluates the efficacy of treatment for speech, hearing, and language disorders, plus specific information regarding the methodology for such investigations. The evaluation of treatment efficacy has always been important to the discipline of communication sciences and disorders, but with the advent of health and education reform it has become a priority. This course will explain the different phases for evaluating treatment efficacy, from case studies to clinical trials. Methodologies for the different phases and types of research will be presented. The primary emphasis will be on single subject/or time series designs. As part of the course, students will design a treatment efficacy study using time series methodology. (Please note: This course will not be offered again until 2002)


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