SPHSC 308-Winter 2006
Social-Cultural Aspects of Communication
Prof. Lesley B. Olswang



Examination Take-Home Essay Question
(10 points of the total 80 exam points)


The take-home component of the examination is designed to give you an opportunity to more thoroughly show me some of your knowledge about course content.  It will also give you an opportunity to practice writing one more time, and hopefully, demonstrate new writing skills that you have acquired. 


Essay Question:  

You should almost be done with The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.  Based on what you have read, identify and describe two cultural practices that we have in western, mainstream American culture that were illustrated by the physicians in the book.  Next, consider these two cultural practices from the Leeís perspective.  Describe whether the Lee's shared one or both of these cultural practices.  If shared, describe how the Leeís cultural practices were similar?  If not shared, describe how the Leeís cultural practices were different   (i.e., describe the Leeís different cultural practices).  Finally, consider Liaís health using the WHO/ICF model.  Discuss her health from any one of the three components of the ICF. 


Your answer should be NO MORE THAN 2 pages, double spaced.  It is DUE  the day of the examination! 


This answer will be scored using the writing criteria that were applied for your systemís paper.  Recall, those criteria are as follows:  content specifics/accuracy, exploration/fullness, and presentation.  See Writing Grading Criteria on the course Web site, under assignments.




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