SPHSC 308 Social-Cultural Aspects of Communication

Student Objectives Winter 2010


Major Lecture Topics

The following learning objectives correspond to the content in the course.  Learning will be evaluated through assignments and the final examination.

  • Students will define the components of communication.
  • Students will define three levels of context as we are considering them in this course.
  • Students will define situational context and give three examples to illustrate its influence on communication.
  • Students will define the elements of a good observation.
  • Students will define social/interpersonal context and give one example to illustrate its influence on communication.
  • Students will define and given an example of the components of a system.
  • Students will define cultural context using cultural practices, including listing the key elements of cultural practice.
  • Students will appreciate cultural diversity across and within groups, understanding the concept of acculturation.
  • Students will explain social-cultural learning, including the zone of proximal development. 
  • Students will define the WHO/ICF Model.
  • Students will explain how culture and systems interface with the WHO/ICF model in impacting communication in healthcare.
  • Students will demonstrate basic skills in scientific writing.