Image Markup Language

IML is a schema for storing textual annotations to GIF or JPEG images.
It is used in medical education software and clinical information systems.

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Image Markup Language is a project of the Structural Informatics Group, Department of Biological Structure, School of Medicine, University of Washington.

IML is a straightforward schema for storing textual annotations to GIF or JPEG images. The annotation model is one of outlined regions, identified by labels, and colored "strings" and "pins". The schema also allows for some limited metadata about the annotations.

IML 1.0 has been submitted to the XML.ORG schema repository, with more information here.: 

IML 1.0 is based on an existing lisp-like format used in our web-based interactive anatomy atlases. IML 1.0 is a straight implementation of the current, production Frame Format 2.0, which is presently used in the Personal Annotated Image Server, an open source project of our research group.

New releases of IML will improve the granularity of the present annotation model, refine the metadata, and introduce new annotation models.

IML 1.5 will be an extension to IML 1.0 with a reordering of elements to allow more flexible display, an extension of Metadata, integration of the STRUCT and CONTROL types into a richer featured region, general URL references, etc.  The error handling in the PAIS tools needs to be substantially enhanced.  This will no longer be backwards compatible with FF2.

IML 2 will be the extension of IML to include IMS style metadata, post discussion with Sebastian, Chris, and Sharon.

IML 3 will be the extensin of IML to include a Layer/Overlay model of annotation.


You can also right-click on these next two links to download the DTD, and a sample XML document produced by the schema editor, or here it is for your cut and paste convenience:

<!--Image Markup Language 1.0
This is derived from the Digital Anatomist Frame Format 2.0
for annotation of images for the DA online image server
For more infomation on the Digital Anatomist Project:
Bill Lober, MD
Structural Informatics Group
June, 2000
copyright (2000) University of Washington
licenced under the Gnu Public Liscense
(see license file in distribution)
<!ELEMENT Frame (Info? | Colors | Region* )>
<!ATTLIST Colors outline_color CDATA #IMPLIED
pin_color CDATA #IMPLIED
string_color CDATA #IMPLIED >
<!ELEMENT Region (label? , center , outline )>
<!ELEMENT label (#PCDATA )>
<!ELEMENT center (pt )>
<!ELEMENT outline (pt+ )>

Hopefully, this has piqued your interest.  If you'd like to see IML in action, here's a second plug for PAIS, my open-source Personal Annotated Image Server.


diagram of  IML 1.0 elements

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Bill Lober, MD
Structural Informatics Group
June, 2000